Michael Paye and Joey Johnson lead the scorers as RSV Lahn-Dill scores another 100 against Trier

It´s been Lahn-Dill´s third time to score more than 100 points in a game in the currents season, and it´s been very much of a repetion of the first game of the 2008-09 season, when Lahn-Dill beat Trier 102-35. On the past weekend, RSV Lahn-Dill raced past the Trier side, again. The final score was 100-39 (31-4/47-20/76-33), with 27 points contributed by Canadian Joey Johnson, and 29 by Michael Paye, who also scored the 100th point for Lahn-Dill in the 40th minute of the game.

About 750 spectators at the August-Bebel-gym witnessed how the host team hurried towards another big win that should definitely make them forget the average perfomance of the past week against Osnabrueck. Trier didn´t score until the 6th minute, when Lahn-Dill had a decisive lead of 23-0 already. RSC Trier took their second time out early in the game and after that, the team that is coached by former Lahn-Dill player Marco Hopp, managed to slow down Lahn-Dill´s scoring, mainly due to Hopp´s performance – he scored 14 points for Trier.

For no obvious reason at all, RSV Lahn-Dill couldn´t keep their pace in the second quarter and had a number of turnovers, which Trier converted to have the score of the quarter tied at 16. But Lahn-Dill fought back, with Joey Johnson and Dirk Koehler scoring ten points from foul shots towards a 57-24 lead (25′). Michael Paye then rang the bells to race toward the 100 by nailing a three-pointer and Joey Johnson and Kai Gerlach made a number of fast-breaks. But it was up to Paye again to convert a long pass by Joey Johnson for the final score of 100-39. Lahn-Dill now lead the league unbeaten, and are facing now their cup semi-final game in Heidelberg. After the Christmas break, they´ll then return to action on January, 3rd, to play at Munich.

Lahn-Dill: Michael Paye (29/1 3pointer), Joey Johnson (27), Dirk Köhler (18), Kai Gerlach (9), Gesche Schünemann (5/1), Felix Schell (4), Annika Zeyen (4), Marco Zwerger (3), Thomas Gundert (1), Jan Kampmann.

Trier: Marco Hopp (14), Sascha Gergele (12/2), Andre Hopp (10), Viktor Hammerschmidt (2), Uwe Bleiker-Schulze (1), Dirk Schmitz, Frank Doesgen, Peter Müller.

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