RSV Lahn-Dill players receive their outfit for the XIIIth Paralympic games in Beijing

While Wetzlar´s Olympic hopeful Fabian Hambüchen already competed in the Olympic gymnastics competition in Beijing, RSV Lahn-Dill´s players Dirk Koehler, Gesche Schuenemann and Annika Zeyen took over their official personal outfit and equipment for the 2008 Paralympic games. The German national teams received their personal kit, containing some 70 items at the Kurmainz barracks in Mainz. 
For the opening ceremony, the athletes will wear a suit with "Deutschland" printed in latin and chinese letters on it. The rest of the Paralympic kit of the German Paralympic Sports Federation (DBS) consists of sports clothes provided by the official partners Adidas, Bäumler, Betty Barclay and Sioux, making up a total baggage of 25 kilos for each athlete. The delegation of 276 athletes and officials will leave Frankfurt on August, 29th.

In Beijing, the Wetzlar threesome will meet three of their team mates: Joey Johnson and Richard Peter will be with the Canadian wheelchair basketball team, Mikey Paye competes for the USA and Andreas Joneck will be a member of the German delegation, working as press officer for the German Paralympic Committee. So total number of RSV personnel in Beijing is seven, which gives the Wetzlar-based team a larger delegation than those of some smaller countries.

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