RSV don’t take any prisoners against arch enemies

Steve Serio is man of the day
RSV Lahn-Dill have put themselves at the top of the table after their 77:48 (17:18/36:29/62:36) win at home against RSC Rollis Zwickau. Man of the game on the side of the hosts was definitely US-National Player Steve Serio, who was not only top-scorer of the game but also got the “triple-double” with each eleven rebounds and assists.
“Of course Steve has shown a brilliant performance today, but I’m also overall very happy with how the team played today.” said RSV-head coach Nicolai Zeltinger after the third RBBL game of his team. Especially shooting from the distance worked very well for the Middle Hesse team against the old rivals from Saxony, who came to Wetzlar with a lot of new players.
It was one of Zwickau’s newbies, who started off very well for his team. RSV were ahead 8:2 (4th min), when German National Player Andre Bienek hit two free-throws and by that got his team back into the game, and even pushed them to the lead with two threes at the end of the first quarter. But Steve Serio had a response for that, and scored another three leading to 17:18 after the first ten minutes.
The game stayed pretty levelled until the break, even though the Wetzlar Rollis managed to move on via 26:20 (13th min) to 34:26 (18th min). “In this phase it was important for us to get the changes in the line-up to work, despite not having Annabel Breuer there, and with Dirk Koehler being under the weather and therefore not being able to play a lot. Especially Christopher Huber and Jan Haller have been stepping into the breach there.” was Nicolai Zeltinger’s analysis of the game.
After changeover the decision was made quickly. Minute by minute it became clearer, that Zwickau had ran out of steam, and the RSV-play turned from sports to wizardry in parts. Captain Michael Paye and Thomas Boehme pushed the score to 44:31 (23rd min) basically on their own, and when Jan Haller scored another four points leading to 66:36 (31st min), the Zwickau resistance was broken.
Zwickau did fight against an even higher points-difference, with US-newbie Benjamin Kenyon scoring a three, but the game was basically over by then. “Our defence was strong and our offence was a lot stronger than it had been in our first home-game.” Nicolai Zeltinger adds “This game has also shown that the assumption that Zwickau won’t be our strongest opposition this year, might actually be right.”
After an away-game against Rolling Devils Kaiserslautern, RSV will be hosting RSB team Thueringen on the 1st of November at August-Bebel-Sporthalle Wetzlar.
Lahn-Dill: Steve Serio (25/4 Dreier), Michael Paye (16), Thomas Böhme (12), Joe Bestwick (6), Jan Haller (6), Björn Lohmann (6), Christopher Huber (2), Dirk Köhler (2), Felix Schell (2), Marco Zwerger (n.e.).
Zwickau: André Bienek (23/4), Kai Möller (11), Rostislav Pohlmann (4), Benjamin Kenyon (3/1), Adam Erben (2), Bryce Doody (2), Vaidas Stravinskas (2), Günther Mayer (1), Matt Sealy, Darren Scott Peasley (n.e.).

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