Bitter Déjà-vu for Mainhatten Skywheelers

RSV Lahn-Dill top last year’s historic game
The 36th RSV Lahn-Dill game on the 20th of January 2013 was one for the history books, as they fought back their way after being behind 7:31 and turning the game around sensationally to win 72:65 in the end. Almost exactly a year later, Frankfurt went through the same ordeal again, when they were leading with 18 points at half time, but lost 78:68 (13:22/30:48/53:58) in the end.
The game went as usual for the Hesse derby, emotional and intense, but calmly until the 13:10 (7th min). Frankfurt then started to dominate the game for the following 12 minutes and downright showed the top-of-the-table team up, scoring from any position regardless of distance or situation. “Of course, Steve Serio’s two early fouls forced us to be flexible with the line-ups and it also made it difficult for us, but at the same time we cannot neglect an excellent performance by the Frankfurt team.” Nicolai Zeltinger did not hesitate showing his respect and surprise for the guests. His team got one hit after another, and their deficit to the opposition grew more and more, having to leave into half time with 25:44.
Still, RSV’s confidence has to be appreciated, as none of the players let their head hang low during the break, but kept their mental strength up despite the dawning early defeat. “We were definitely not sure if we would be able to repeat last year’s miracle.” described Zeltinger the situation in the changing rooms. Frankfurt will have felt the same, as their last Bundesliga-meeting in Wetzlar obviously seemed very present again.
Despite the doubts on both sides, everyone lived through some sort of déjà-vu. An extraordinarily playing Michael Paye lead his team to a 13:2 run to 43:50 (25th min) and by that gave the RSV players the necessary confidence and believe in the possibility of a turn of events. Meanwhile it was noticeable, that Frankfurt as well realised, that history might be repeating. And this was the crux of it all.
Wetzlar’s August-Bebel-Halle turned into a boiling pot. “The most awesome thing is, that the fans seem to be noticing such a turn of events even before it happens, and therefore signal what is not yet visible on the scoreboard.” said Nicolai Zeltinger happily about this spectacular derby. But the guests did not want to give up, and were still ahead quite a bit at 58:48 (28th min).
But the turn was already happening, through plays, tactically as well as mentally. The first lead since the fourth quarter came after a strong phase for Thomas Boehme and a three-point-play by centre Dirk Koehler. It stayed tense until the 68:66 (38th min) by Steve Serio, before a unsportsmanlike foul by Lars Lehmann also brought the factual decision. He had stopped Steve Serio, who was just starting a fast-break, without any chance of getting the ball, which meant his fifth foul and his removal from court. Two hit free-throws as well as another basket by Dirk Koehler, followed by ball possession lead 78 seconds before the end to 72:66.
This unfathomable turn of events after the break brought the fans of the now still unbeaten Wetzlar team off their seat and to standing ovations way before the final siren. “This win was definitely fantastic for us, but we cannot ignore how the opposition have upped their game. They are playing to their potential, and a game like this one today should be a warning to us, just as much as a confirmation of our mental strength.” was Nicolai Zelinger’s conclusion after a crazy game against Mainhatten Skywheelers. On Saturday RSV will be hoisting again, this time BG Baskets Hamburg.
Lahn-Dill: Michael Paye (32/2 Dreier), Thomas Böhme (22), Steve Serio (15), Dirk Köhler (5), Joe Bestwick (4), Annabel Breuer, Jan Haller, Björn Lohmann, Christopher Huber (n.e.), Felix Schell (n.e.), Marco Zwerger (n.e.).
Frankfurt: Sebastian Magenheim (22), Johannes Hengst (16), Lars Lehmann (13), Sebastian Wolk (9), Anna-Maria Müller (4), Anne Brießmann (2), Andi Kress (2), Maria Kühn, Sven Diedrich (n.e.), Tim Diedrich (n.e.).

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