Fans can look forward to a new scoreboard

RSV Lahn-Dill takes on part of the costs
Right on time for the classic against RSC Rollis Zwickau fans can also look forward to a new scoreboard at home in August-Bebel-Sporthalle in Wetzlar. After twenty years the gym will now get a board with a high standard which has been tested by FIBA EuroLeague, as the old one did not meet the requirements anymore. 
The planning for this has been going since spring already, and now the three times bigger board was installed during October half term. The new board has more illuminating power, has a lot higher visibility from pointed angles and thanks to up-to-date LED-technology uses a lot less energy. The new unit is built by renowned French producers Stramatel and fulfils all basketball-specific requirements. 
RSV Lahn-Dill are especially pleased for their fans to have managed to rise the quality in this area and to being able to offer more service and more detailed information about the game. The internal agreements with the area of Lahn-Dill as operators of the gym went non-bureaucratic and uncomplicated. 
As the financial frame for public money is tight, it was no question for the five-time Champions Cup winner to take over part of the costs, as this way it was also possible to add basketball-specific modules. This cooperation between the area and RSV only made this acquisition possible and is representative for the responsibility the club meets in the region. 

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