World Champions: Thomas Böhme and Christopher Huber

Dramatic 69:65 Last-Minute-success over Sweden
Thomas Boehme und Christopher Huber are World Champions! Top-scorer Boehme and captain Huber crowned their young careers at the Junior-world championships in Adana, Turkey, when they won with their team 69:65 (14:18/34:34/43:46) over Sweden.
The 22-year-old Thomas Boehme became the winner of the game, when he displayed a brilliant performance in the last six minutes of the game. In the final the German U23-squad was behind 45:54 (33rd min), and the Scandinavians were just about to fulfil their dreams, when national coach Peter Richarz put his back onto the court after having cashed in 4 fouls already. Boehme turned the game around almost all by himself, scoring 14 points in 6 minutes, which seemed to have frozen the Swedes. The German cheering was endless.
Captain Christopher Huber was handed the world cup soon after by IWBF-president Maureen Orchard and Ali Karakaya. Coach Peter Richarz proved that the hard work he had started with the German Juniors was worthwhile as well as the work German teams put into their young players.
RSV Lahn-Dill congratulate the World Champions to a great performance at the Junior-World Championships in Adana, Turkey.

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