Paye and Bestwick extend their contracts

US-American and Briton will stay at least until 2014 and 2015 respectively
Captain Michael Paye and Centre Joe Bestwick have prolonged their contracts with the ten-time German Champions and Cup winners RSV Lahn-Dill and by that highlighting their commitment to RSV, signing before the Champions Cup in Valladolid has even started. 
The US-American Paye has been wearing the RSV kit since 2006, and added another year with his team staying until summer 2014. Together with his soon-to-be-wife Anna-Lena, whom he will walk down the aisle in the middle of May, he is now also planning his life off court in Middle-Hesse. Wetzlar’s point-guard from Detroit, Michigan, advanced this year to RSV’s absolute frontman leading his team to the double-bubble in Germany. With an average of 21,87 points per game the 30-year-old is also the top scorer in Coach Nicolai Zeltinger’s team. 
Joe Bestwick even prolonged his contract for another two years with the five-time Champions Cup winners. He came over last summer having played for Wolverhampton Rhinos, and by now the 28-year-old Briton is one of the key players in his team, following his Captain closely with 398 points during the past season. The Centre from Nottingham feels super comfortable in Middle-Hesse and is looking forward to his future with the German Champions. 
„These two contracts confirm our work and give us the means to plan ahead.” Team manager Andreas Joneck is happy about the trust the two imports put into the club, and Coach Nicolai Zeltinger adds: “Mikey and Joe play a central role in our squad and are role models for our young talents. Together we will continue to develop in the upcoming season and grow step by step. It’s exciting looking forward to that.”

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