Medals and a Home-Game-Success

Firs home-game was won against Frankfurt
The German Champion RSV Lahn-Dill won its first game at home by 71:38 (14:6/38:12/50:27) against the Mainhatten Skywheelers from Frankfurt. It was the 23rd consecutive win in a home-game for Wetzlar.
Before the game started, the successful players of both teams who brought home medals or Team Germany from the last European Championships at Nazareth/Israel were honored and Center Kai Gerlach, who retired due to starting his job-carreer afte finishing his studies at the University, was sais goodbye.
After a strong start by Frankfurt the team from Wetzlar left no doubt about winning the game. Using new line-ups, RSV Coach Nicolai Zeltinger was pretty satisfied with the game, but saw also a couple of things that need to be worked onin practice during the next week: "We have to work on the new constellations after the new classifications for Gundert and Haller. We did a better job than last week but there is still a lot to improve. Thomas Böhme showed that he is already one of Germany´s best guards.", the young player got his special compliment by his Coach. Captain Joey Johnson showed an immense presence on the court and for Frankfurt it was Sebastian Wolk with 18 points and 17 rebounds who showed an extraordinary performance.
Lahn-Dill: Michael Paye (20), Steve Serio (15/1 Dreier), Joey Johnson (14), Thomas Böhme (10), Jan Haller (6), Thomas Gundert (4), Felix Schell (2), Dirk Köhler, Mina Mojtahedi.
Frankfurt: Sebastian Wolk (18/1), Andi Kress (10), Lars Lehmann (4), Jan-Niklas Neuroth (4), Benjamin Lenatz (2), Anne Briesmann, Kenon Kahsai, Maria Kühn, Florian Miller.
pictures by Jörg Theimer @

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