„Joey-Johnson-festival“ marks highest season-win

Captain shows extraordinary performance – 84:23-win against Trier
With a never doubted 84:23 (27:5/42:11/61:15)-success against the Trier Dolphins the RSV Lahn-Dill marks the highest season win yet and stays unbeaten this season. Joey Johnson played "hotter than hell" scoring 33 points.
When the scoreboard showed a 17:3 (7.) it was Johnson who already scored fifteen by this time.When Coach Zeltinger changed the line-up in the second quarter he could resume: „Kai, Gesche, Marco and Thomas showed that the work of the last years was succesful, because also our german players can step in without marking a gap in the game“.
Even the RSV did not score 100 points, what was hoped by the 800 fans in the gym, it was the highest win this season yet.
Since Munich beat Frankfurt yesterday, it looks like a semifinal against Bonn for Wetzlar. But this will be sure after the last season-round next week when Wetzlar has to play az Hamburg.
Lahn-Dill: Joey Johnson (35), Thomas Gundert (13), Gesche Schünemann (12), Kai Gerlach (11), Felix Schell (4), Marco Zwerger (4), Patricia Cisneros (3), Michael Paye (2), Jan Kampmann, Richard Peter.
Trier: Sascha Gergele (8), Mpho Gift Mooktesi (5/1 Dreier), Viktor Hammerschmidt (3), Sebastian Quare (3/1), Frank Doesken (2), Edwin Klein (2), Martin Koltes, Peter Müller, Dirk Schmitz, Peter Schwickert, Forian Ewertz (n.e.).
Picture gallery by Jörg Theimer: http://gute-blende.fotoportopro.de/gallery_show.php?gallery=e069b2bad2661c13.

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