Second period puts RSV on a roll

Gerlach Topscorer against Munich – without Peter and Köhler
Although the 1100 fans had to wait for the halftime-break until they were able to witness the "real RSV", Wetzlar came to a 65:34 (11:8/23:19/47:29)-win against Munich.
Without two "starters", because Richard Peter was playing for the Canadian nationalteam and Dirk Köhler couldn´t play due to an injury, especially the harder concentration on their defensive play gave RSV´s opponent Munich the chance to show why they are the third-seated team of the league. The Bavarians were especially during the first quarter always able to destroy good shooting-possibilities for Wetzlar and so the 5:4 standing after 8 minutes did not bring a glance on the face of headcoach Nic Zeltinger.
After halftime-break there was suddenly the RSV-team the homecrowd is udes to: Thomas Gundert gave with his points a signal for a 18:0 run that decided the game in the third quarter. The 51:30(34.) brought the fans to forget the first minutes of the game and now the team has to play the team at Osnabrück next weekend before Trier is the opponent in the last regular home-game on Febraury 27th.
Lahn-Dill: Kai Gerlach (21/1 Dreier), Michael Paye (14), Gesche Schünemann (11/1), Thomas Gundert (6), Joey Johnson (5), Patricia Cisneros (4), Felix Schell (2), Marco Zwerger (2), Jan Kampmann (n.e.).
Munich: Benjamin Ryklin (15/1), Ben Döring (11), Markus Haberkorn (6), Florian Fischer (2), Sercan Ismail, Johanna Welin (n.e.).
Pictures by Jörg Theimer here:

RSV-Magazin Defense