Strong Cologne 99ers give RSV a hard time

Hard fight to win 84:66 – strong Zwerger-performance
Playing the last seated team of the league seemed easy ahead of the game, but the team from the Rhine-river got two new players in and gave the favourite from Wetzlar a hard time. In the end RSV Lahn-Dill could celebrate a road-win with 84:66 (25:17/42:34/68:48).
Wetzlar had to compensate the injury of Richard Peter who was not able to play. „There was never a time when we were completely sure of winning this game“, RSV-coach Nicolai Zeltinger gave credit to the team from Cologne. Bringing in two new players, the canadian Max Poulin and former german national-team player Sebastian Spitznagel, Cologne did not play like they are standing on the end of the league. verstärkt hatten. Especially the 22-year old Canadian showed an extraordinary performance.
Stepping in for the injured Richard Peter, Marco Zwerger had 30 minutes and in the end 14 points and he hit 67% from the field. "This shows the quality of our bench-players" Zeltinger was satisfied.
Especially during the third quarter the RSV could make clear who was the team to compete for the championship this year.
For the 60 fans who followed their team to Coöogne it was as good to see the game as it was for the Wetzlar-coaches who saw a good offensive performace but some mistakes in defense that have to be cleared out before the games against Bonn and Frankfurt..
Cologne: Max Poulin (30/3 Dreier), Lars Bergenthal (14), Sebastian Spitznagel (9/1), Frederic Jäntsch (7), Yuki Ito (6), Andrew Flavell, Gada Jammoul, Sedat Özbicerler.
Lahn-Dill: Michael Paye (18/1), Joey Johnson (16), Dirk Köhler (16), Marco Zwerger (14), Patricia Cisneros (6), Kai Gerlach (6), Thomas Gundert (4), Felix Schell (4), Gesche Schünemann, Jan Kampmann, Richard Peter (n.e.).

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