About us

Team-orientated action in professional structures is the basis for continuity in our club and company policy.

General Principles

Team-orientated action in professional structures is the basis for continuity in our club and company policy. Reliability and seriousness in questions of sport and economy determine our basis which we implement with engagement and passion.



Team- and Value-Orientated

Value-orientated but open for new challenges an almost unchanged team is leading the building of RSV Lahn-Dill with intent, purposefulness and consistency since 1999. Achieving visions and at the same time being a reliable partner for politics, economy and society are the basic principles the management of the club feels constrained to.

The story of success of RSV Lahn-Dill from its foundation in 1983 up to being one of the most famous clubs in Europe has found international appreciation way beyond the German border. But RSV Lahn-Dill is furthermore a popular figure of a whole region which it feels committed as an ambassador on international stages.

This character is mirrored by the first division team. International stars and regional homegrowns form an irresistible mix in a special and inspiring sport. A sport with a special character and outstanding successes of which the inhabitants of the region are as proud as the many german-wide partners from all parts of society.


Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair basketball is the “most spectacular game on wheels”. Fast and acrobatic, passionate and aggressive are only a few attributes for a refreshingly different sport. Dive into an attractive and at the same time fascinating experience with an extraordinary image-value. The home games of RSV Lahn-Dill in the German league (RBBL) and the European Champions League are therefore the best visited paralympic sport events outside the Paralympics.


Value-Orientated Professionalism

Professional structures together with social responsibility lead to the high reputation of RSV Lahn-Dill and its founding club in sports and society. We chose these attributes consciously and execute this policy dedicated, touchable and familiar.



In a qualitatively topnotch environment of brands especially the longterm and actively participating partnerships are evidence for the bilateral success. For local companies and medium-sized figureheads of the region on the one hand and worldwide operating companies on the other hand we focus on the advertising appearance our partners as well as the intensively lived network.

Continuity is our most important objective just like the impressive longterm partnership with our main sponsor „STADA Arzneimittel AG“ from Bad Vilbel since 1995.


Because of its popularity and its media coverage as a paralympic sport wheelchair basketball is as interesting for spectators as for the media. No matter if it is newspapers, radio, TV or online RSV Lahn-Dill experiences the highest interest by media german-wide in an outstandingly growing sport because of its professional appearance and international events.



With its successes on national and international stages RSV Lahn-Dill is known worldwide and is highly reputated as a figurehead and ambassador of the region. Numerous German Championships, German Cups and Champions League titles and last but not least the World Champions Cup title have been celebrated in Wetzlar since 1998.


International Stages

German national players of RSV Lahn-Dill have won almost 25 medals in the club history in European and World Championships and the Paralympics and thus belong to the most important players. The long tradition of North American world class players in the team also embodies this renomme globaly. Quality from RSV Lahn-Dill is therefore evidence for sustainable work and at the same time a quality ambassador on international stage.


Fan Culture

From awareness in being close to the region and the steadily growing amount of fans as well as family-friendliness a unique fan culture has derived which stands out from the common. Germany’s first and thus oldest fanclub of a wheelchair basketball team was founded in Wetzlar and stimulates this quality which is special because of its high percentage of women and its high bandwidth in age structure among the spectators.


The History of RSV Lahn-Dill

Foundation of the club RSV Lahn-Dill e.V. as a multidivisional club.

RSV Lahn-Dill moves up to the “2. Bundesliga Süd” (second division south).

Two years after moving up to the second division RSV Lahn-Dill achieves to play in the “1. Bundesliga” (first division).

At the European Championships for women in Lorient, France, Britt Tuna is the first ever player of RSV Lahn-Dill to win the gold medal with the German Women’s National Team.

For the first time two players of RSV Lahn-Dill, Britt Tuna and Michaela Richter, win a silver medal at the Paralympics in Seoul, South Korea, together with the German Women’s National Team. Stefan Donner and Günter Ritter achieve the fourth place with the German Men’s National Team.

In March the team is relegated from the „1. Bundesliga“ (first division) after a 42:67-loss against its competitor Augsburg.

In March the team is relegated from the „2. Bundesliga Süd“ (second division south) to the „Regionalliga Mitte“ (third division central).

In March the team has a comeback by returning to the “2. Bundesliga Süd” (second division south) through winning the championship in “Regionalliga Mitte” (third division central) .

The Sparkasse Wetzlar is the first big sponsor of the new second division team – a partnership remaining until today.

Championship in the „2. Bundesliga Süd“ (second division south) and the return to the „1. Bundesliga“ (first division) after 7 years.

For the first time the team is led by two managers, Cordula Mohs and Solveig Kuhle. The management is completed by Stefan Donner, Jörg Fink, Dirk Köhler and Nicolai Zeltinger.

„STADA Arzneimittel AG“ becomes the new main sponsor of RSV Lahn-Dill and keeps this title until today. In December the team is elected team of the year in Wetzlar for the first time.

On April 5th, after winning 60:50 at Bonn against ASV Bonn the RSV Lahn-Dill is runner up in the „1. Bundesliga“ (first division) for the first time.

On January 31st the deciding championship game against the reigning champion Osnabrücker SC is the first game of RSV Lahn-Dill broadcast by „Hydrokult TV“ for the „Offener Kanal Gießen“ (open channel Gießen).

In March RSV Lahn-Dill participates in a European Cup for the first time. The journey leads the team to Lisbon, Portugal, to play in Andrè-Vergauwen-Cup.

On March 21st the team becomes German Champion for the first time with only one lost game.

In September for the first time RSV Lahn-Dill presents its team in public before the season in the casino of the „Sparkasse Wetzlar“.

In October the first release of the redesigned and professionally produced magazine „Defense“ is released in cooperation with the „Druckerei Bender“ in Wettenberg.

In November RSV Lahn-Dill is honored by the federal state of Hesse in castle Spangenberg close to Melsungen. After the club raised a plea Hesse reformed the award and integrated paralympic sports in the category competitive sports.

In July Andreas Joneck takes over the job as a manager from Cordula Mohs. The management consists furthermore of Jörg Fink, Dirk Schäfer, Daniel Stange and Nicolai Zeltinger.

In summer RSV Lahn-Dill Fanclub is founded as the first wheelchair basketball fanclub in Germany.

In January RSV Lahn-Dill signs the first foreign player in its history, Mustafa Goma Abusetin from Lybia.

In spring Daniel Stange is the first representative from RSV Lahn-Dill to be appointed to the federal executive board of the „Fachbereich Rollstuhlbasketball“ (department for wheelchair basketball).

In summer Sven Köppe becomes a member of the management.

Previous to the Paralympics in Sydney RSV Lahn-Dill hosts its first international match. Opponent of the German Men’s National Team in Eichendorff-gym in Wetzlar are the Netherlands.

With the beginning of the new season RSV Lahn-Dill presents an own homepage www.rsvlahndill.de for the first time.

In April for the first time in history the Final Four for the German Cup takes place in Wetzlar. RSV Lahn-Dill loses in the semifinal.

The „Wild Snakes“ are the first cheerleading team appearing in a first divison game.

In autumn the home games are moved from Eichendorff-gym to the bigger and more modern August-Bebel-Arena.

In February Andreas Joneck is the second representative from RSV Lahn-Dill to be appointed to the federal executive board of the „Fachbereich Rollstuhlbasketball“ (department for wheelchair basketball).

RSV Lahn-Dill wins the German cup for the first time in history and a little later its first international title, the Willi-Brinkmann-Cup in Lodz, Poland.

With the beginning of the new season RSV Lahn-Dill can be seen in cinematic advertisement and offers its fans the first newsletter.

„Worlds number one“ Patrick Anderson and Joey Johnson from Canada transfer to Wetzlar, two of the best players worldwide.

On May 2nd RSV Lahn-Dill reaches the top spot in Europe for the first time by winning the Champions League in Madrid against GSD Anmic Sassari from Italy.

Previous to the Paralympics in Athens RSV Lahn-Dill hosts its first international tournament. Guests are the men’s national teams from Australia, France, the Netherlands and Germany.

RSV players Patrick Anderson and Joey Johnson win the gold medal in Athens with the Canadian Men’s National Team.

In November the „Rollstuhlbasketball-Marketing Ltd.“ is founded as the operating company of the first division team.

In the past year the homepage of RSV Lahn-Dill records more than one million hits for the first time.

By winning all three titles, German Championship, German Cup and Champions League, RSV Lahn-Dill repeats its „tripple“ from 2004.

The Champions League final round takes place in Wetzlar for the first time and thus the first time in Germany in its history. In front of a record crowd of 1850 spectators RSV Lahn-Dill wins its second Champions League title against Santa Lucia Sport Rome.

With the beginning of the new season RSV Lahn-Dill starts its first advertising campaign in regional newspapers to promote the home games.

In April the office of the first division team opens in Friedenstraße in Wetzlar. Since then it is the home of the first division team. First head is sports-marketing student Gesche Schünemann.

In this year too, RSV Lahn-Dill wins all three possible titles and accomplishes its „tripple tripple“.

With the beginning of the new season as the first German club RSV Lahn-Dill offers livescore on its homepage for its home games in the German league in cooperation with Keyscout.

In the World Champions Cup final in Kitakyushu, Japan, RSV Lahn-Dill reaches the second place after a filmy loss to Team Ontario from Canada.

After 2001 and 2002 the Final Four takes place in Wetzlar for the third time. RSV Lahn-Dill wins the title by beating USC Munich in the final.

By hosting the European Championships for men and women between August 23rd and September 1st 2007 RSV Lahn-Dill achieves its organisational masterpiece on international stage. 32000 spectators including the federal president Horst Köhler experienced on 8 game days the German triumph with winning gold in the women’s tournament (Annika Zeyen and Gesche Schünemann) and winning bronze in the men’s tournament (Abdulgazi Karaman and Dirk Köhler).

In March the new home game magazine „Defense“ is elected the best arena/stadium magazine of the region.

In April RSV Lahn-Dill is officially named ambassador of the region „Mittelhessen“.

In May RSV Lahn-Dill is in Champions League Final for the fifth time in a row. Even though the team loses against Galatasaray Istanbul it achieves a new record.

In Beijing at the Paralympics two German national players of RSV Lahn-Dill, Annika Zeyen and Gesche Schünemann, win the silver medal. Joey Johnson and Richard Peter win the silver medal, too, with the Canadian selection.

In the new season the „Golden Spirit Cheerleaders“ become the official cheerleaders of RSV Lahn-Dill.

With the beginning of the season RSV Lahn-Dill reactivates its newsletter which is from now on transmitted weekly.

In November Annika Zeyen and Gesche Schünemann receive the „Silberne Lorbeerblatt“ from Horst Köhler, the highest award for sports in Germany.

In January the homepage of RSV Lahn-Dill is elected as the best web appearance of sport teams in the region „Mittelhessen“.

In February an own newsletter for sponsors is established which is transmitted monthly.

In May the Champions League final round takes place in Wetzlar for the second time after 2005. RSV Lahn-Dill takes the third spot.

In September RSV Lahn-Dill wins the election by specialized journalists to be team of the year in the federal state Hesse.

In November RSV Lahn-Dill has its first league game in the „Rittal Arena“ in Wetzlar. At a world record attendance of 3900 spectators the team beats its archrival Zwickau 91:82.

In March RSV Lahn-Dill wins its 7th „DRS-Pokal“ (German cup) within its 13th appearance in Final Four, a new record.

In April the team regains the German Championship in front of 2500 spectators in the Rittal Arena Wetzlar.

In April the team reaches the top spot in Europe again by winning the Champions League final round in Rome.

Michael Paye and new player Steve Serio win the bronze medal at the World Championships in Birmingham with the US National Team.

At the same time national player Gesche Schünemann wins silver with the German Women’s Team. Furthermore Felix Schell and new player Thomas Böhme win bronze at the under 22 European Championships in Seveso, Italy.

On October 17th in Kitakyushu, Japan, RSV Lahn-Dill wins for the first time in club history the World Champions Cup with a 63:54 win over Perth Wheelcats.

On April 3rd RSV Lahn-Dill catches up with the RSC München by winning its 8th German Cup-Title against Zwickau at Frankfurt with 68:58.

Three weeks later also the German Championship is won: For the first time the RBBL played a Best-Of-Three Play-Off series in the finals that was won by 2:0 against the Rollis Zwickau and brings after a 76:72 home-game win the eighth Championship to Wetzlar.

On April 1st RSV Lahn-Dill wins the Final Four 71:45 against USC München and wins the DRS-Cup for the ninth time in club history and is the new German record champion.

After the 80:45 home win in the second play-off final against RSC-Rollis Zwickau at April 21st, RSV Lahn-Dill wins the German championship for the ninth time.

On May 6th RSV Lahn-Dill wins the Champions-League for the fifth time in club history. In the Sinan Erdem Dome of Istanbul, the RSV runs up a 79:65 victory over title holder and host Galatasaray Istanbul, one of the biggest wins in the history of RSV Lahn-Dill.

On July 15th the German U22-Nationalteam wins the European Championship for the second time in history. RSV-Player Thomas Böhme and Christopher Huber are involved in the success.

On September 7th Gesche Schünemann and Britt Dillmann win the paralympic gold medal. The german nationalteam beat Australia 58:44 in front of 17.000 visitors in the North Greenwich Arena London.

On March 24th RSV wins the German DRS Cup in Hannover. In the final, birthday boy Michael Paye & Co. defeat the Mainhatten Skywheelers with 74:55.

In front of 1,900 enthusiastic spectators RSV Lahn-Dill wins his tenth German championship. On April 14th RSV defeats the Mainhatten Skywheelers 72:40.

On July 7th Joe Bestwick wins gold at the European Championship in Frankfurt with the Great Britain nationalteam. GB beats Turkey 59:57.

Thomas Böhme and Christopher Huber win the U23 World Championship in Turkey. Germany beat Sweden in the Final 69:65. Böhme scores 14 Points in the last six minutes.

On March 31, RSV beat RSB Team Thüringen 75:73 in a dramatic Overtime-Thriller to win their 11th Cup title in the history.

1.600 Fans celebrate the 11th German Championship title on April 12th. Oldie Dirk Köhler was putting on a show, scoring 26 points and grabbing 18 Rebounds to help his team to come back from a 10 point deficit at halftime.

On June 26th Annabel Breuer wins the Silver Medal at the World Cup in Toronto. Team Germany only lost to Canada in the Final 50:54.

RSV wins it’s 12th cup title, by winning 77:52 in Hamburg vs. BG Baskets Hamburg on March 29th.

On April 19th, RSV wins it’s 12th German Championship title. After being down 0:1 in the “best-of-three” series, RSV wins game two and three in front of an amazing home crowd. Steve Serio was putting on a show in game three, by scoring 41 points, including six threes.

On May 3rd RSV Lahn-Dill beats Madrid 67:54, to win the sixth Champions League title in the history of the club. Thomas Böhme scores 30 points to help his team winning the “Triple”.

On August 15th, Michael Paye and Steve Serio win Gold at the Parapan Am Games in Toronto. USA beats Canada 62:39 in the final.

On September 6th, the german men win bronze at the European Championship in Worcester, by winning 74:56 against The Netherlands. Thomas Böhme, Jan Haller, Dirk Köhler, Christopher Huber and Dirk Köhler of RSV Lahn-Dill are part of the team.

Annabel Breuer and the german women win Gold at Worcester on September 6th, as they beat The Netherlands 72:62.

RSV ends the 2015/16 season with no titles. The team loses the cup final and the championship final against the RSB Thuringia Bulls.

Two weeks later, the team surprisingly makes it to the Champions League final. But the spanish champion CD ILUNION Madrid is too strong and wins 71:45 on the 8th of May in Zwickau.

In September, Annabel Breuer comes back with a paralympic silver medal. The german womens team lost the final 45:62 against a strong Team USA. The german men with Thomas Böhme, Nico Dreimüller, Jan Haller, Christopher Huber, Dirk Köhler and Björn Lohmann finish 8th.

On April 2nd 2017, RSV Lahn-Dill wins his 13th DRS-Pokal title in club history in Elxleben. Thanks to a 60:59 win in the final over Thuringia Bulls, the team gets back the lost cup from 2016.

On April 22nd, RSV Lahn-Dill wins his 13th german championship. Captain Paye and his teammates win 71:63 in Elxleben and celebrate together with the Lahn-Dill fans.

Two weeks later Lahn-Dill wins the Bronze medal of the Champions League in Tenerife, Spain. After a loss to italian champion Briantea Cantu, the team beats Thuringia Bulls for the third place in Europe.

The german national team players are coming back with medals from the European Championship in Tenerife, Spain. The four mens players Thomas Böhme, Jan Haller, Nico Dreimüller and Chris Huber win bronze, as Annabel Breuer and the womens team win the silver medal.


Deutscher Meister

1998, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017

Deutscher Pokalsieger

2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018

Champions League Sieger

2004, 2005, 2006, 2010, 2012, 2015

WBC Europapokal





Spectacular Entertainment

The „Golden Spirit Cheerleader“ accompany every home appearance of RSV Lahn-Dill in August-Bebel-Arena and Rittal-Arena in Wetzlar.

Affiliated to the „TanzSportVerein der WKG e.V.“ the Golden Spirit Cheerleader offer professional competitive sport and spectacular entertainment at the home appearances of RSV Lahn-Dill. Numerous national titles and appointments of single athletes are proof for the outstanding performance of GSC appearances.

More information at: www.funtastic-sports-wetzlar.de

RSV macht Schule

Sitzenbleiben ist cool!

Seit über zwölf Jahren ist der RSV Lahn-Dill erfolgreich in Schulen in ganz Mittelhessen unterwegs, um die Sportart Rollstuhlbasketball vorzustellen und einem breiten jungen Publikum näher zu bringen.

„Sitzenbleiben ist cool“ lautet dabei das provokante und natürlich nicht ganz erst gemeinte Motto, dass nicht nur eine Brücke zwischen der Sportart und dem Schulsport schlagen will, sondern auch gesellschaftliche Thematiken rund um den Oberbegriff Inklusion aufgreift.

Gemeinsam mit Spielern unseres Bundesligateams, zu dem viele Nationalspieler und Paralympics-Teilnehmer gehören, können Kinder im Sportunterricht aller Altersklassen Tricks und Kniffe im Umgang mit den Sportgeräten Rollstuhl und Ball kennen lernen und selbst erfahren. Dabei bringen wir die passenden Sportrollstühle gleich mit. Sie brauchen lediglich einen freien Termin in Ihrer Schulsporthalle.

Dank unseres Goldpartners Neils & Kraft mit Standorten in Gießen, Hungen und Wetzlar in der Region, entstehen den Schulen dabei keinerlei Kosten für diese Sportstunde der besonderen Art oder aber der Anreise.

Bei Interesse an einem Schulbesuch des RSV Lahn-Dill steht Ihnen unsere Geschäftsstelle unter der Telefonnummer 06441 / 20025900 oder per Mail unter info@rsvlahndill.de gerne zur Verfügung.

Wir freuen uns auf einen unvergesslichen Tag mit Ihren Schülern und Schülerinnen!

Sports Club

Getting Active in Sports

Disabled persons dependent on wheelchairs or handicapped in a different way do not have to feel excluded from sports activities these days. In the meantime there are many possibilities to get involved into sports for everybody.

The wheelchair sportsclub (RSV) Lahn-Dill wants to support disabled persons with its offers in getting involved in sports and thus work on their physical and psychological condition. According to that RSV Lahn-Dill is a sports club just as any other sports club. The only difference is that sports are being performed in wheelchairs. Apart from that RSV Lahn-Dill is organized like a „normal“ sports club. Striving for sportive achievements as well as the desire to just get exercise and of being together as a group can be found. And this is not exclusively for disabled persons. Able-bodied persons are also welcome to join RSV because integration of disabled and able-bodied persons is a big goal for RSV.

More information about the sports club at: https://rsvlahndill-ev.de.

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