Peyman Mizan and Mark Beissert shine in Hesse derby

72:38 home win against now relegated Skywheelers – playoffs now await RSV Lahn-Dill

At the end of the RBBL main round, RSV Lahn-Dill not only celebrated a clear 72:38 victory (18:8/36:14/59:30) over the ING Skywheelers on Saturday evening in the Buderus Arena Wetzlar, but for the first time after the relaxation of the Corona rules, they were also able to celebrate a befitting wheelchair basketball festival in front of 769 spectators. These provided for an emotional framework in the second Hessenderbys within 48 hours for the central Hessen, which may focus now on the playoffs, while for the Frankfurt guests the defeat is equivalent to the sporty relegation.

Head coach Janet Zeltinger surprised right at the start with a very unusual starting five, which was due to much more than just the injury-related absence of top scorer Thomas Böhme. With Dominik Mosler, Hiroaki Koazi, Mark Beissert, Catharina Weiss and Quinten Zantinge, a formation was on the floor that had never played together before. In the first five minutes of the game the guests from the Main metropolis used this still skillfully and led with 8:6, before this RSV squad found from minute to minute better into the game. A quarter-long 18:0 run to 24:8 (13.) provided thus for the first time for conditions appropriate for stand and first scene applause on the ranks of the Buderus arena.

In the meantime, Zeltinger and her “co” Günther Mayer had replaced the entire squad on the floor with Jannik Blair, Reo Fujimoto, captain Simon Brown, Brian Bell and Peyman Mizan. Especially the latter showed his potential in the second quarter and thus justified his playing time, which in the end should be over 21 minutes of play. Twelve points were scored by the 22-year-old former Iranian junior international between the twelfth and 18th minutes, which helped to extend the interim result to 36:12 just before the break.

“It was great to see that no matter who was on the floor, we were able to find our rhythm again and again,” Janet Zeltinger was pleased with her team’s performance at the end: “We saw a great game from Peyman and Mark,” with which the Canadian alluded to the equally strong performance of Mark Beissert, who, like his teammate, came to over 20 minutes of action and was able to contribute nine points and four rebounds.

After the change of ends, however, the Skywheelers initially had their best phase of the game. One noticed to the Frankfurt that they did not want to submit themselves without fight into their fate, they had to bring in nevertheless compellingly two plus points, in order not to have to enter on the last play day the bitter course into league two. With clearly middle-hessian note, because with Fabian Gail, Carsten Crombach and Marian child, already three players carried before the jersey of the RSV Lahn Dill or the RSV Lahn Dill II, went the Skywheelers now to the counterattack over. After two threes of the Australian Kim Robins, one could read this intermediate spurt at 44:26 (26.) also factually on the scoreboard.

But more was not in it for the guests bravely resisting their impending sporting fate on this evening in Wetzlar. A three-pointer by Brian Bell initiated an increase in tempo, which put the lid on this Hessian derby at the latest at 59:30 (30.) by Reo Fujimoto. A rebound ratio of 45:32 for RSV, 23 own assists, six each from Simon Brown and Hiroaki Kozai, as well as 20 ball losses at the counterpart from Frankfurt, speak also statistically a clear language.

Accordingly positive was then also the conclusion of Janet Zeltinger: “I am very content with our appearance tonight, there is nothing to criticize.

But now we have to change our focus a little bit in the next days and concentrate on the playoffs”. On whom the RSV Lahn-Dill will meet from the beginning of April in the “best-of-three” semifinal series, is not yet determined. Only a last Corona conditioned catch-up game in the RBBL on coming Thursday will bring clarity about it. If Wiesbaden manages to beat Trier at home, they will face the team from the Hessian capital. If Wiesbaden loses, Wetzlar will face Hannover United in the semifinals.

Lahn-Dill: Hioaki Kozai (14), Brian Bell (13/1 threes), Peyman Mizan (12), Dominik Mosler (10), Mark Beissert (9/1), Reo Fujimoto (6), Quinten Zantinge (6), Jannik Blair (2), Simon Brown, Catharina Weiß.

Frankfurt: Kim Robins (10/2), Christoph Spitz (8), Fabian Gail (6), Katharina Lang (6), Tim Diedrich (4), Josephine Dehart (2), Marian Kind (2), Carsten Crombach, Lisa Nothelfer.

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