An evening of statements in the Buderus Arena

RSV Lahn-Dill defeats guest from Trier with 90:46 – Trio Beissert, Mizan and Mosler strong

It was an evening of statements on Saturday in the Buderus Arena Wetzlar. Statements of empathy among athletes, the deep sporting quality of the RSV squad and against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Almost incidentally, wheelchair basketball was also played on the 16th matchday of the RBBL and the spectators experienced a clear 90:46 (16:9/37:23/69:38) home victory of RSV Lahn-Dill over the Doneck Dolphins Trier, in which especially the supposed second guard of the record champion could set important impulses.

However, the match had started with a clear sign of encouragement for Alexander Feld, who had been badly injured the previous Sunday. The playmaker of the Handball team HSG Wetzlar suffered in the duel against the HSV Hamburg with a cruciate ligament tear and a tear of the Patellae again a heavy injury in the leg, in which he had already suffered before an Achilles tendon tear and an adductor demolition. So RSV Lahn-Dill rolled onto the Buderus Arena parquet with the message “Get well soon, Alex!” printed on specially made shirts. Even before the first highball, the Wetzlarer players then set another sign at short notice and commemorated the victims of the war in Ukraine in a minute of silence. RSV Lahn-Dill thus joined the clear stance of the sport against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Both statements, which show that there are often more elementary things than the sporting result, seemed to ensure in the opening minutes of the game, however, that both sides went to work very cautiously, as if their thoughts were understandably not yet with their sporting task on this Saturday evening. After six minutes of play, the scoreboard showed a meagre 10:6 for the home side, with only 31 percent of all RSV attempts finding their way into the Dolphins’ net. However, head coach Janet Zeltinger’s team improved from minute to minute and increased their scoring rate to 45 percent by halftime, even though the cellar-dweller from Trier could not yet be shaken off.

The visitors had their number 14 to thank for this in particular. The former junior national player showed a spirited game in Wetzlar and took advantage of the free spaces that presented themselves to him ice-cold.  However, the Central Hessians were able to get over his 18 points in the end, as they had concentrated their defensive work entirely on sharpshooter Dirk Passiwan. The Dolphins top scorer was only able to score twelve of his otherwise average 33 points this evening, thanks to the good defense against him.

After a 12:2 run to a 37:23 halftime score, the Wetzlar Rollis then came out of the dressing room highly motivated and conjured up their strongest phase on the Buderus Arena parquet. Hiroaki Kozai, Brian Bell, and Thomas Böhme quickly increased the lead to 49:30 (24th) before the supposed second guard took the reins. “Mark, Peyman and Dominik showed today how important they are for the team. It was great to see what good performance they showed and thus contributed significantly to today’s success,” Janet Zeltinger was pleased after the final siren about the strong performance of the trio Beissert, Mizan and Mosler. First and foremost, homegrown Mark Beissert made the most of his opportunity and increased the score from 67:38 (29th) to 83:42 (36th) in the 28th minute of play.

But also, the Australian Jannik Blair and the Dutchman Quinten Zantinge showed a sure hand with a high scoring rate of convincing 75 percent. In the end, four players scored in double figures and thus ensured a high and well-deserved 90:46 home victory over the team from the Mosel.

A top game now awaits RSV Lahn-Dill next weekend. On Saturday, the Central Hesse team will host the Rhine River Rhinos from Wiesbaden in the Hesse derby. The Rhine River Rhinos have meanwhile climbed up to third place in the standings thanks to their success in Frankfurt on Saturday.

Lahn-Dill: Mark Beissert (14), Brian Bell (14), Hiroaki Kozai (14/1 threes), Quinten Zantinge (12), Thomas Böhme (11/1), Reo Fujimoto (8), Dominik Mosler (7), Jannik Blair (6), Simon Brown (2), Peyman Mizan (2), Catharina Weiß.

Trier: Patrick Dorner (18), Dirk Passiwan (12), Correy Rossi (10/1), Valeska Finger (4), Lukas Jung (2), Corin Depping, Zeljko Likic.

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