Skywheelers and Lahn-Dill II join forces

Thinking outside the box rather than blind competition
Mainhatten Skywheelers and RSV Lahn-Dill II will join forces for the 2nd Division South in the new season 2017/2018 and put up a team together. The Mainhatten Skywheelers (RSC Frankfurt) were the first Hesse team to win the German title in 1980, and RSV II made the DRS Cup Final Four last season. Both will now start with a team in the Second Division going by the name of Skywheelers Lahn-Dill.
“We want and have to join forces to be able to keep up with an increasingly strong Second Division South. That’s the same for us as it is for RSV Lahn-Dill.” says Frankfurt manager Pierre Fontaine. Andreas Joneck adds: “Both teams are only 60 kilometers apart, and we have had a great relationship for years. So it’s obvious to better think outside the box than to compete blindly.”
The exact squad isn’t set in stone yet, but the team will be coached by Daniel Stange, whilst the position of assistant coach is still open.

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