RSV Lahn-Dill II have no chance against Frankfurt

39:73 defeat for RSV – Skywheelers celebrate promotion into First Division
RSV Lahn-Dill II only manage one quarter on a level playing field. Without five of their players, they quickly lost their energy. The 39:73 (17:18/27:37/35:56) defeat meant that Frankfurt had a comfortable walk to their promotion-party.
RSV-Coach Daniel Stange didn’t just have to put his team onto the court without Nico Dreimueller and Christopher Huber, but also without Anna-Maria Mueller, Johannes Hengst, and Marian Kind. He did get support from the third team though with Waldemar Gerter and Tim Ludwig-Pistor, who had their first Second-Division game in over two years. This seemed to work for RSV at first with Marco Zwerger scoring all six points getting the 6:4-lead (3rd min). Until the 17:14 (8th min) scored by Sebastian Arras, the hosts were ahead surprisingly.
In the second quarter Skywheelers upped their pace and went off to 19:27 (13th min). Six points ina row by Marina Mohnen (23:35, 16th min) set things straight before half time. A 14:0-run for Frankfurt after changeover set things in stone (27:51, 26th min).
„It was very noticeable, that we only had very limited options for changes on court.” said Coach Stange: “Still, against the strongest team in the league, this was still acceptable, we can be proud of that first quarter.”
Lahn-Dill: Marco Zwerger (13), Felix Schell (10), Sebastian Arras (8), Tristan Paar (6), Tim Ludwig-Pistor (2), Carsten Crombach, Waldemar Gerter.
Frankfurt: Tim Diedrich (19), Sven Diedrich (18), Marina Mohnen (16), Heike Friedrich (14), Christoph Spitz (4), Sebastian Arnold (2), Anne Brießmann, Jan Hecker, Juliana Kromberg.

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