Starting difficulties followed by top gear

100:57-success against record-champions USC Muenchen

After starting difficulties on the last day of the RBBL main round RSV have once again played in top gear, winning 100:57 (23:18/43:31/75:43) against USC Muenchen. Special praise for their performances go to Thomas Boehme and Piotr Luszysnki. the team will be playing the Playoff-semi-final next weekend against BG Baskets Hamburg.

“After a long journey to Munich we certainly had our difficulties to find into the game.” said RSV head-coach Nicolai Zeltinger after the game. Whilst his team’s offence was working right away, their offence was lacking, as it has been quite a few times recently. Though they could turn the 8:10 (5th min) into a 17:15 (8th min) lead, but this slow start still gave Munich hope for a surprise early in the game.

USC-guard Taz Capasso was especially hard to control. It was him who turned the 23:18 lead that RSV had gotten until the end of the first quarter quickly into 26:26 (12th min) after scoring a three. Another point from a free throw by topscorer Kim Robbins got RSV back to a disadvantage at 26:27 (13th min). But after the break RSV finally seemed like they had pulled up their socks, and their aggressive defence got the game under control step by step, with Boehme getting the 39:31 (19th min) advance for his team.
A 17:4-run for RSV just before changeover set things straight, and after changeover Munich had to watch their hopes being completely crushed. Within 120 seconds Thomas Boehme scored 12 points, twice from beyond the 6,75-metre mark. The resulting 55:31 (22nd min) was only the beginning, and the quarter was won 31:12.
RSV continued to score high percentages, overall the team got 74 per cent. Leading the statistic was Piotr Luszynski, who played 29 minutes and scored the same number in points, getting impressive 87 per cent. Eleven rebounds meant a double-double for the Polish Centre, as did it for Captain Michael Paye. The US-American scored 14 points and got 18 assists.
„After Tommy managed to turn the game around for us, we did deliver a great perfomance.“ said Zeltinger. RSV kept scoring and Munich didn’t seem to have a defence against them; the 100-points-mark seemed to be getting closer and closer. Zeltinger was happy about a complete team effort: “Even though we rotated a lot, we were able to keep up our pace without a break, and everyone got a chance to play, without jeopardizing our offence.” Briton Joe Bestwick took advantage of the situation and got a well worth seeing final spurt and scored the 100th point 38 seconds before the final siren.
München: Kim Robins (17), Taz Capasso (14/1 Dreier), Suad Sutic (9), Sebastian Magenheim (6), Thimo Schrauder (5), Carlos Montano (4), Wayne Boardman (2), Lisa Nothelfer.
Lahn-Dill: Piotr Luszynski (29), Thomas Böhme (25/3), Joe Bestwick (14), Michael Paye (14), Philipp Häfeli (6), Jan Haller (6), Dirk Köhler (6), Annabel Breuer, Nico Dreimüller, Björn Lohmann.

RSV-Magazin Defense