RSV II: Chance for third place gone

RSV Lahn-Dill defeated by Munich 46:61

RSV Lahn-Dill’s second team have to wave goodbye to their hopes for spot number three in the table. Thanks to their 46:61 (12:9/26:32/36:43) defeat against RBB Muenchen Iguanas, the first half of the table is now out of reach.

RSV II had to play without top scorer Nico Dreimueller, as well as Coach Daniel Stange, who could not attend due to illness. Still, the team had a good start and even got the lead at the end of the first quarter thanks to a successful shot by Anna-Maria Mueller (10:9, 9th min), an advance increased to five points later on (18:13, 12th min / 22:17, 14th min).

But the Iguanas pushed for a change, especially through their top scorer Florian Mach, who was only to be stopped by fouls. The 21-year-old got his team’s lead back at the free-throw-line (24:25, 16th min) and added more points, getting the score to 24:27.

After changeover, the Iguanas had run off to 26:32, and 30:41 in the 26th minute. But RSV II fought back and got closer again after Marian Kind Scored the 38:43 (31st min). But now old-dog Benjamin Ryklin lead the Munich team, and scored six points in a row, pushing the score to 41:51 (35th min), destroying every attempt of their hosts to get back on track.

“In the end, it was just obvious, that we had run out of energy” said Anna-Maria Mueller after the game “but overall we can be happy with our performance – there was nothing left to give.”
Lahn-Dill: Anna-Maria Müller (10), Marco Zwerger (10), Christopher Huber (9), Marian Kind (7), Johannes Hengst (6), Felix Schell (4), Sebastian Arras, Carsten Crombach, Tristan Paar.
München: Florian Mach (20), Benjamin Ryklin (11), Josef Wernberger (10), Ulrich Schmölz (8), Laura Fürst (6), Gabriel Robl (6), Katharina Lang, Johanna Welin.

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