Lahn-Dill aren’t giving anything away for free

Sovereign 73:42-win in the 71st duel with former rivals Zwickau
Top-of-the-table team RSV Lahn-Dill have won this game as well and kept their winning streak. On Saturday, they beat BSC-Rollers Zwickau 42:73 (6:19/20:36/33:55) at home in front of around 1.000 spectators. The game went in RSV’s favour pretty early on, after Haefeli had scored the 7:2 (3rd min) for the hosting team, who “did not drop the ball” later on either. The game went via 13:4 (7th min) to 19:4 at the end of the first quarter.
But the Saxon team found better into the game as it went on, playing more focussed. The team was able to put their tall trio Skucas, Pohlmann, and former RSV-player Jan Gans into better positions under the Wetzlar basket. So the second quarter was relatively level, it went via 25:11, scored by Frank Oehme in the 13th minute, to 35:20 just before half time. This was, amongst other things, down to an unfocussed offence from RSV, despite a high hit ratio.
„Overall, I’m happy with the game, because we were again able to rotate on court without losing our flow. Our defence has been extremely dominant recently, and our hit ratio is the way we need it to be.” said Zeltinger about his team, who had a solid game against the bottom-of-the-table team, but were only a few times able to shine.
Outstanding hit-ratios were to be seen by Piotr Luszynski and Joe Bestwick. The Pole managed 89 percent of his shots, becoming top-scorer with 17 points, and got 10 important rebounds. The Brit topped his team mate, making all six of his shots from the court as well as three free-throws. This way the team kept slowly increasing their lead continually to 20 points, before RSV started off another run after the 53:37 (33rd min) scored by Zwickau’s topscorer Skucas.
A scene well worth seeing happened in the 37th minute, when youngster Nico Dreimueller went for a volleyball-like dive to save the ball, taking down team mate Boehme on the way, but thereby enabling colleague Bestwick to have another successful run at the basket. This moment getting the 67:37-lead deserved the applause, before Jan Gans scored the last two points of the game on this 15th game day.
Lahn-Dill: Piotr Luszynski (17), Joe Bestwick (15), Thomas Böhme (12), Michael Paye (12), Philipp Häfeli (9), Nico Dreimüller (4), Jan Haller (2), Dirk Köhler (2), Annabel Breuer, Christopher Huber, Björn Lohmann.
Zwickau: Jan Gans (14), Vytautas Skucas (11), Rostislav Pohlmann (9), Karlis Gabranovs (4), Daniel Gehse (2), Frank Oehme (2), Denny Lindner, André Weiland.

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