Highest win of the season for RSV II

74:42 success at home – Schell and Dreimueller strong
RSV Lahn-Dill II had a strong start into the year 2017 with a 74:42 (22:14/41:26/58:36) against SGK Heidelberg. The team worked well together, and four layers managed to score in the double figures. Visitors saw an outstanding performance by Schell, who scored 82 per cent of his shots and got 12 rebounds, as well as by Nico Dreimueller, who scored 17 points and got 8 assists.
This lead to an early lead at 10:2 (5th min), which the team surrounding Captain Chris Huber would not let go of for the rest of the game. Though the guests from Trier were able to get close a few times thanks to their old dogs Ralf Schwarz and Klaus Weber (16:12, 8th min; 22:18, 12th min), a 8:0-run for RSV II that lead to the 30:18 (15th min) decided the direction the game was heading.
Especially after changeover there was hardly any resistance from the opposition noticeable, which Dreimueller took advantage of scoring six points within 95 seconds (49:28, 24th min). This lead to the well-deserved and so far highest win of the season for the second RSV Lahn-Dill team.
„We definitely showed our potential today. We were focused and didn’t lose our nerves, which meant a sovereign performance by all of us.” said Ralf Neumann, who stepped in for Daniel Stange, happily after the game. 35:18 rebounds and a solid overall hit-ratio of 61 percent highlighted this first game of the new year.
The next game will take place in a fortnight, when RSV II will be travelling to Roller Bulls St. Vith. The game on the 4th of February will start at 19:30.
Lahn-Dill: Felix Schell (18), Nico Dreimüller (17), Johannes Hengst (13), Christopher Huber (10), Marco Zwerger (8), Anna-Maria Müller (6), Sebastian Aras (2), Carsten Crombach.
Heidelberg: Ralf Schwarz (12), Klaus Weber (12), Sven Eckhardt (10), Thomas Gumpert (4), Sebastian Holzheu (2), Dominik Vogt (2), Svenja Mayer, Catharina Weiß.

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