RSV happy about last home-win before holidays

83:38 against record-breaking team Munich

RSV Lahn-Dill can go in to the holidays leading the German league. The twelve-fold German Champions beat USC München, who held the title 13 times, 83:38 (19:8/37:16/57:24), marking their eighth win in eight games. Great performances especially by Piotr Luszynski with 27 points and Thomas Böhme with 23.

Especially Luszynski left his mark in this game, and won the fuel with Munich’s top scorer Suad Sutic very obviously. The Wetzlar newbie scored 27 points, got 13 rebounds and 5 assists and had a hit-ratio of 75 per cent. Together with Junior World Champion Böhme he scored 50 points.

„I was not only happy about our strong defence today, but also about the fact that we could rely on our bench completely, which led to there not being a dip in the flow of the game after substitutions.“ said Head Coach Zeltinger after the game. Except for Huber, who played 8 minutes, every players minutes were in the double figures, which highlights Luszynski’s performance even more, as he only played 27 minutes.

After the 10:8 (7th min) scored by Australian Kim Robins, the hosts started a strong run after a three-point-play by Piotr Luszynski, and the score went via 22:8 (12th min) to a 21-point lead. The rsv dominance was obvious, and proven in the end proven by a 47:23 rebound-ratio. It was no surprise then that 50 of RSV’s points were made from within the Munich zone.

After the changeover RSV were bursting with energy still, it seemed they wanted to give their fans a great show before saying goodbye for the holidays 2016, on top of the success two weeks ago against Thüringen. First it was again the Luszynski-Böhme duo scoring the 49:22 (27th min), then Philipp Häfeli at 61:26 (32th min), and soon after Jan Haller at 65:28 (35th min).

Two successful free throws by Colombian Carlos Montano and a three by Bosnian Sutic corrected the score briefly in Munich’s favour (67:32, 36th min), but RSV were not having any of that. They rolled one fastbreak after another onto Munich, which Briton Joe Bestwick took advantage of and scored another six baskets.

So RSV Lahn-Dill finished off their year with a great performance: „I have to be honest that I’m a bit surprised that we can still play at this high level after the hard and strenuous summer the players have had this year.“ Nicolai Zeltinger showed his respect for his team. Nevertheless, captain Michael Paye and his team are looking forward to their last game of the year next Saturday against Rhineland-Palatinate River Rhinos Wiesbaden in the DRS Cup quarterfinal. And maybe they are even more looking forward to the four-week break after that, before their first game of the new year against Trier in the 21st of January.
Lahn-Dill: Piotr Luszynski (27), Thomas Böhme (23), Michael Paye (9), Joe Bestwick (8), Philipp Häfeli (6), Dirk Köhler (6), Nico Dreimüller (2), Jan Haller (2), Annabel Breuer, Christopher Huber, Björn Lohmann.
München: Sebastian Magenheim (12), Suad Sutic (7), Paul James Capasso (6), Kim Robins (6), Carlos Maria Caicedo Montano (5), Wayne Boradman (2), Lisa Nothelfer.

RSV-Magazin Defense