Dominating the game for one half

RSV Lahn-Dill win against old rivals Zwickau 80:52

On the seventh game-day of the season, RSV Lahn-Dill have won 80:52 (24:10/42:16/59:38) against old rivals BSC-Rollers Zwickau. The classic game has been decided by half-time already, due to the situation of the table and RSV’s favourites-role. Top-scorers of the game were guards Thomas Boehme and Michael Paye with 25 points each.

“We defended very strong for one half of the game, a good practice to prepare ourselves for the upcoming top game next Sunday at home against Thueringen.” says RSV-Head-Coach Nicolai Zeltinger about his team’s performance in Saxony. “Sadly we only managed to keep the strong defence up for about 25 minutes; after that, we let go quite a bit.” added Assistant-Coach Ralf Neumann. The game started off well for RSV, dominating quickly from the 8:6-score onwards until half-time. After Piotr Luszynski got the ball and passed to Thomas Boehme, the score went via 18:8 (7th min) and 24:14 (11th min), followed by a 10:0-run for RSV, and another basket by Joe Bestwick leading to 34:14 (16th min).

In this phase, it was mainly down to Zwickau Centre Vytautas Skucas that the Saxon team stayed in the game at all, showing some good individual scenes. “Over the entire length of the game we were not able to control him completely. He made very good use of some mismatches in our defence.” said Assistant-Coach Neumann. The 36-year-old Lithuanian continued his strong game after half-time, scoring solid 24 points overall and scoring an average of 71 per cent.

After half-time Zwickau proved that they had more up their sleeve than their current position in the table leads to believe. With the drop of concentration amongst RSV, who had to take the 48:24 (25th min) and later the 52:32 (28th min) scored by Skucas, the game became more even. By the 32nd minute the comfortable gap had shrunk to 19 points difference, before RSV got into gear and went via 61:42 (32nd min) to 71:46 (36th min), again scored by Bestwick.

„Considering the final score, I don’t want to put too much meaning into the gaps in our concentration today, most of all because we managed to put a lot of our plans into action. Now we have exactly one week to prepare for the top-game next Sunday, the one we’ve all been waiting for.” said Zeltinger after the game.
Zwickau: Vytautas Skucas (24), Jan Gans (12), Andy Ortmann (6), Daniel Gehse (4), Rostislav Pohlmann (4), Frank Oehme (2), Karlis Gabranovs, Denny Lindner.
Lahn-Dill: Thomas Böhme (25/1 Dreier), Michael Paye (25), Piotr Luszynski (12), Joe Bestwick (10), Nico Dreimüller (4), Philipp Häfeli (4), Annabel Breuer, Jan Haller, Christopher Huber, Dirk Köhler,Björn Lohmann.

RSV-Magazin Defense