RSV Lahn-Dill II defeated in overtime

Too many missed opportunities – 59:64 against top-of-the-table team Roller Bulls

RSV Lahn-Dill II have missed their chance to lead the table of the 2nd League. They were already on winning ways when the Belgian guests managed to push the game into overtime and then beat them 59:64 (13:18/27:31/47:45).

„Of course, this is really disappointing. We had a strong defence and every opportunity to get the reward in the end. But we allowed too many mistakes, and that is just not good enough against an opposition like the Roller Bulls.” RSV-Coach Daniel Stange does not want to spend too much time crying over spilled milk.

Strongest player of the game was 57-year-old Juan Bernal, who got his team to draw in the final stages and to go into overtime, giving the hosting team the final hit with his 11 points.

The Middle-Hesse team had previously presented themselves very strong in their defence, getting themselves great opportunities, but overall leaving too many unused. Roller Bulls managed to pull off via 9:12 (7th min) and 13:18 (10th min). Four points by Felix Schell got the first lead for RSV II at 21:20 (16th min), but shortly after the guests were leading again, thanks to Bernal (27:31, 20th min).

After changeover, both teams were going for it, without either taking the definite lead. A 6:0-run got RSV II to the 51:45-lead, and shortly after St. Vith’s top scorer Nazif Comor had to leave the court after bagging his 5th foul. It seemed like things were going the right way for the Middle Hesse team.

In an exciting final spurt Bernal lead his team to a 56:57-lead. After Huber managed to draw again, Schell had the opportunity to get his team the lead, but choked at the free-throw-line. In overtime Bulls Bernal and Dries finished the hosting team off and got their fourth win of the season.
Lahn-Dill: Felix Schell (14), Christopher Huber (13), Nico Dreimüller (12/2 Dreier), Marco Zwerger (10), Marian Kind (6), Anna-Maria Müller (4), Carsten Crombach, Tristan Paar. 
Roller Bulls: Nazif Comor (18), Juan Bernal (11), Pieter Dries (11), Bart Nulens (8), Philippe Minten (6), Christophe van Houcke (6), Jamaa Saadi (4), Quoc Bin Pho, Stefan Veithen.

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