First loss of the season for RSV II

Six-point-advance lost – Ralf Schwartz unstoppable

Second league team RSV Lahn-Dill IIhad to take home their first defeat away against Heidelberg. They lost against SGK Rolling Chocolate Heidelberg 60:65 (17:21/33:31/48:48) after leading with six points only three minutes before the final siren.

“This is pretty bitter, to give away the win this last minute” said Coach Daniel Stange after the game “but we have to respect how especially Rald Schwarz and Sven Eckhardt played today.”

Those had a particularly good hit ratio from the start. Heidelberg’s Centres turned the initial 5:2 (2nd min) quite quickly, and SGK player Klaus Weber then got the 5:11 (5th min) which forced RSV-Coach Stange to take his team’s first time-out.

Following this, RSV were able to close the gap again, but they stayed behind until Dreimueller had a run and scored three threes within 2 minutes, getting the 28:25-lead for his team. Two successful attempts for Schwarz meant, though, that the team from the river Lahn only had a 33:31-lead at half time.

They started great into the third quarter, and the score moved up to 42:34 (24th min) after another successful three by National Player Dreimueller. At the end of the quarter, Heidelberg had managed to draw again though, as RSV II were keeping good control over Heidelberg’s main scorers, but therefore giving many opportunities to Christian Gumpert (48:48, 30th min).

In the last quarter, it looked like RSV II were going to get a happy end. Dreimueller was able to create great opportunities for his teammates, which Marco Zwerger thanked him for with six points, leading to 60:54 (37th min).

But the mistakes accumulated for RSV II, and former National Player Ralf Schwarz got his team up again to 60:60. RSV II were not able to make use of the following possession, forcing them to make some tactical fouls. But sadly Gumpert as well as Eckhardt kept their cool at the free-throw line, creating a bitter finish for the Wetzlar team.
Heidelberg: Ralf Schwarz (25), Sven Eckhardt (14), Klaus Weber (14), Christian Gumpert (7), Thomas Gumpert (3), Catharina Weiß (2), Johannes Ernst, Svenja Meyer, Dominik Vogt.
Lahn-Dill: Nico Dreimüller (24/4 Dreier), Felix Schell (13), Sebastian Arras (6), Christopher Huber (6), Marco Zwerger (6), Anna-Maria Müller (4), Marian Kind (1), Carsten Crombach, Tristan Paar. 

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