Great start set base for success in Trier

RSV gets both points despite numerous mistakes

RSV Lahn-Dill have won their first away game of the season after winning at home the previous week. The final score was 78:54 (27:4/45:21/59:36), thanks to a strong first quarter which was followed by a pretty level rest of the game.

The team started with a new starting line-up, putting a lot of pressure on the Trier’s offence, who seemed surprised and unprepared for this. Dreimueller, Haller, Luszynski, as well as Boehme and Paye ruffled up their opposition successfully. The score went via 22:2 (8th min) to 27:4 at the end of the first quarter, after Briton Joe Bestwick had added to the score as well.

“The start was impressive, we had a hold on Trier’s offence and at the same time we were able to get our own offence through as well.” said Head Coach Zeltinger about the first quarter, before criticising what happened next. “After that, we completely let go of the reins, which left the door open for Passiwan. We can’t be happy about that!”

Passiwan took plenty advantage of the new space he’d been given, got his team mates into great situations too, and hit a very high percentage. So a duel on a level playing field started. Especially Latvian Edgaras Ciaplinskas and Newbie Ryan Wright benefitted from Passiwan’s play, and the game went via 33:13 (16th min) to 45:21 at half time.

After changeover, Trier continued to keep their cool, and after Trier managed to get closer at 45:25 (22nd min) Zeltinger was forced to take the first time out. This was followed by three number two and three by Wright, pushing the score to 53:33 (27th min). RSV continued to play a good offence, so that the points-difference never went under 20, which was especially down to Luszynski and Boehme “Tommy is showing continually good performances currently, it’s impressive. Also, Jan and Nico deserve special praise, as they didn’t only build good pressure in their defence, but also didn’t disappoint in the offence.” said Zeltinger after the game.

RSV were able to keep their soverign lead for the rest of the games and had answers to Trier’s attacks, even for Passiwan. Going via 60:40 (32nd min) and 74:47 (37th min), the final siren came at 78:54. Now the team has two wins this season, and can now look forward to another home game next Saturday against Cologne 99ers, and has time to work on mistakes that have been made, mainly down to a very short preparation time due to the late Paralympics.
Trier: Dirk Passiwan (19/1 Dreier), Ryan Wright (15/3), Edgaras Ciaplinskas (10), Jack Davey (4), Martin Koltes (4), Frank Doesgen (2), Tracey Ferguson, Valeska Finger.
Lahn-Dill: Thomas Böhme (24), Piotr Luszynski (20), Joe Bestwick (13), Philipp Häfeli (8), Michael Paye (7), Jan Haller (4), Nico Dreimüller (2), Annabel Breuer, Christopher Huber, Dirk Köhler, Björn Lohmann.

RSV-Magazin Defense