Strong start secures second win for RSV II

75:63 against RBB München Iguanas – Dreimüller gets double-double
(dst) RSV Lahn-Dill II got their second win of the still young season. At 75:63  (24:12/43:31/57:49) they had to fight for every point until the last siren marked the end of the game, but a very strong first quarter helped to maintain dominance over the entire game. The team could also rely on Nico Dreimüller, who scored 17 points and got 14 assists for his team.
At first it was Johannes Hengst though, who, despite being injured, was unstoppable. “After two collisions in training he had issues with his elbow, limiting his shooting, so we knew we ad to get him closer to the basket.” describes Coach Daniel Stange the situation. The plan worked impressively: Hengst started with at 10:4, and by the end of the quarter he had scored all six attempts at the Munich basket (24:12, 10th min)
Whilst RSV kept good control over Munich’s Ryklin and Machen, Iguanas’ Josef Wernberger continually got himself into good positions. The points difference started to melt away to 33:26 (16th min) and RSV-centre Felix Schell was already in foul trouble with three fouls, and had to stay on the bench to be safe. It didn’t take long for the team to adjust though and soon the score went via 40:29 (18th min) thanks to a three by Dreimüller, to 43:31 at half time.
The changeover was followed by heated scenes. Schell as well as Munich’s Ryklin got their fourth fouls, and it was obvious that both teams had to rest their centres for the final quarter. Munich solved that issue better at first, as the gap was shortened dangerously twice, at 49:43 in the 25th minute and at 55:49 in the 29th.
Coach Stange put all his eggs in one basket when he got Schell back on court, whilst the Iguanas decided to go on without Ryklin. This did not yet bring the decision – Munich continued to stay close and forced RSV II to get their points at the free throw line. Both Zwerger and Huber kept their nerve, and another offensive rebound by Schell then destroyed all hope for Munich.
Lahn-Dill: Johannes Hengst (22), Nico Dreimüller (17/2 Dreier), Felix Schell (17), Marco Zwerger (7), Christopher Huber (6), Anna-Maria Müller (4), Marian Kind (2), Sebastian Arras, Carsten Crombach.
München: Josef Wernberger (18), Florian Mach (15), Gabriel Robl (9), Randy Uhl (7), Uli Schmölz (6), Benjamin Ryklin (4), Katharina Lang (2), Thomas Palaver (2), Laura Fürst. 

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