RSV in Champions Cup final fort he tenth time

Great team effort in 51:39 win against Rome

RSV will play in their tenth European final since the founding of the Club. The team defeated SSD Santa Lucia Sport Rome 51:39
(17:11/27:18/36:27) after a great performance and will now be in the final against Spanish champions CD Illunion Madrid.
After a nervous starts for both sides, the Wetzlar team found their confidence quicker than their opposition. Especially defensively the Hesse team did not give in against the tall Rome players. The score went via 7:2 (3rd min) to 19:11 (13th min) scored by Steve Serio, who was already at his 11th point and dominating the game.
This advance was then increased in small steps, the defense on both sides not giving in to their opposition; a very defense-heavy game. It was again Steve Serio who scored, this time a three leading to 30:20 (23rd min).
Meanwhile the Romans were collecting fouls. Whilst Thomas Böhme scored his three-point-play (39:27, 31st min) there were two Roman players on four fouls already. A time-out did not help, as Steve Serio scored another three and moved the score to 44:41 (34th min), extinguishing all hopes for Rome.
Rom: Matteo Cavagnini (13), Giulio Papi (8), Soufyane Mehiaoui (7/1), Mohammed Sanna Ali (4), Stefano Rossetti (4), Adolfo Berdun (3/1), Ahmed Raorahi, Marco Stupenengo, Beatrice Ion, Christian Fares (n.e.), Dario di Francesco (n.e.), Laura Morato (n.e.).
Lahn-Dill: Steve Serio (22/3), Thomas Böhme (12), Michael Paye (8), Dirk Köhler (5), Felix Schell (4), Björn Lohmann, Joe Bestwick (n.e.), Annabel Breuer (n.e.), Nico Dreimüller (n.e.), Jan Haller (n.e.), Christopher Huber (n.e.), Marco Zwerger (n.e.). 

RSV-Magazin Defense