RSV II get a spot in the 2nd Bundesliga

Felix Schell and Marco Zwerger will reinforce the second team 
The RSV-hopes were not disappointed when the second team was given a spot in the 2nd Bundesliga Süd; six weeks after their bitter 49:50 defeat against Ulm which had originally meant relegation.
This has become possible due to the fact that the Frankfurt team Mainhatten Skywheelers have been relegated from the first division but already had their second team in the second division, as well as potential promoted teams Karlsruhe and Tirol waived their right to spots in the second division. All efforts can now be focused onto another season in the second league.
To avoid another close call next season, the club has made structural adjustments within the team looking ahead at the 2016/2017-seasno start in October. Since Monday two new starters for the squad are officially named: Coach Daniel Stange will be coaching former first team players Marco Zwerger and Felix Schell, both come of course with international experience.
37-year-old Zwerger has been playing with RSV for 13 years now. He came to Wetzlar in 2003 from Crailsheim, and has already played with the second team in 2004/2005 and 2013/2014. The man from Swabia had a tough season with a bad shoulder injury, and is hoping to be getting more minutes again with his new team.
Under the baskets the team will get support from 26-year-old Felix Schell, taking over from Kai Gerlach. Felix came from Bayreuth to Wetzlar in 2008, and together with Marco Zwerger he will play his last tournament with the first team this weekend at the IWBF Champions Cup in Zwickau, having won the title in 2010, 2012, and 2015. The former medicine student is now working full time as a doctor at the university hospital Gießen.

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