RSV II: Bitter 49:50 seals the relegation

RSV Lahn-Dill II lose against Ulm Sabres – third league after six years
Six years in the second league have come to an end last Saturday, when RSV’s second team suffered a bitter defeat. The final score of 49:50 (14:8/27:24/33:37) now means an entire new start in the Regional league. 
Only three minutes before the final siren it still looked like RSV II would be able to stay in the league, when they were leading 49:43. But in these last 180 seconds the Wetzlar team did not manage another basket, whilst Ulm were able to turn the entire game around literally last minute. "In the end it was a lot of little things – we gave away baskets as well as free-throws, and all put together it means defeat and relegation." said sad RSV-Coach Daniel Stange after the game. The good-bye to RSV-old-dog Kai Gerlach turned even  sadder. 
RSV II started off well, even though it was obvious that the team let chances go and didn’t take advantage of all their opportunities. The Wetzlar defence had taken a strong hold of Ulm’s top-scorer duo Wolf and Bloching, whilst Huber managed eight points in the first quarter. The score went via 8:8 (5th min) to 14:8 (10th min). 
When Turnwald came into the game, Ulm got a little kick to their game, taking care of two defenders at the same time, giving space to Paa und Penner to score (22:22, 19th min). After changeover it became even worse for RSV: after another lead at 33:25 (25th min), the team only made 2 out of 7 free-throws and stayed without points for five minutes. The Ulm Sabres took advantage and got a 12:0-run to 33:37 (30th min). 
They continued until 36:43 (33rd min), before Dreimueller got two steals and two threes. When Gerlach managed the 49:43, the Middle Hesse team almost felt safe again. But with a three-point-play by Paa the tables turned and got Ulm the win.
 Lahn-Dill: Nico Dreimüller (15/3 Dreier), Kai Gerlach (12), Christopher Huber (10), Marian Kind (8), Annabel breuer (2), Carsten Crombach (2), Sebastian Arras, Selina Rausch. 
 Ulm: Manfred Wolf (15), Thomas Paa (13), Claus Turnwald (10), André Penner (4), Urs Rechtsteiner (4), Dominik Bloching (2), Patrick Dorner (2), Sascha Lehner, Birgit Meitner, Achim Renner.

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