RSV II still without a win in the second leg

Weak start takes away chance for the win – Stange team fighting against relegation
RSV’s second division team is still without a win in this second leg of the league. The team had a weak start against Munich Iguanas and spent the entire game trying to make up for that, but the final result was still 45:54 (6:17/21:27/35:45). The team surrounding Captain Christopher Huber is therefore still in a relegation spot, but with another four games ahead the team still has a chance to stay in the league. “Munich has, without a doubt, showed a great performance today.
It was painful for us though that we seemed to be lacking the basics.” was Stange’s conclusion after the game. “Games like these show that only wins who plays with a strong offense and with a consequent defense. Munich have done that and therefore won the game deservedly.”  The guests from the Bavarian capital played more focussed and determined than they’re hosts: Two baskets by Benjamin Rylin and Florian Mach scored two baskets each, putting their team in from at 0:9 (4th min), and RSV-Coach Daniel Stange already had to take his first time out. The Wetzlar team got into the game better from then on, but Mach continued to score easily and already had scored ten points after ten minutes (6:17). Points by Dreimüller and five points from Gerlach shortened the gap to 12:21 (13th min), and RSV’s second team even got as close as 21:25 just before the second half, but at the same time only four of 10 freethrows hit the basket, so when the teams went into the changing rooms the score was at 21:27.
Wetzlar managed to get even closer though in the middle of the third quarter: Gerlach had scored a three, leading to 28:32 (23rd min), and when Dreimüller scored the 32:34, it looked like a win was close. However, following this RSV did not manage another point before the end of the quarter, so Munich went into the last ten minutes with a ten-point-lead.The last quarter did not bring any changes to the hosting team’s play. Gerlach scored a three and Marian Kind got a successful three-point-play, changing the score to 43:50 (39th min), but that wasn’t enough.  
Lahn-Dill: Kai Gerlach (20/3 Dreier), Nico Dreimüller (17), Marian Kind (6), Carsten Crombach (2), Sebastian Arras, Christopher Huber, Tristan Paar, Selina Rausch. 
München: Florian Mach (23), Benjamin Ryklin (15), Markus Haberkorn (5), Thomas Palaver (4), Uli Schmälz (4), Gabriel Robl (3), Laura Fürst, Johanna Welin, Katharina Lang (n.e.). 

RSV-Magazin Defense