No success against Top of the Second League

RSV Lahn-Dill II lose 31:64 against Wiesbaden 
RSV Lahn-Dill suffered an expected defeat away against Wiesbaden. The team travelled with a ’staff-shortage‘ to the game against Rhine River Rhinos and lost 31:64 (4:18/15:31/21:47). Four games to go in the season, and the team around top scorer Marian Kind has dropped into the bottom of the league again. 
"We played well in our offence and our defence prevented us from further damage." said RSV-Coach Daniel Stange after the game. "This was probably the best we could do against this opposition." The team had to play without Zacharias Wittmann as well as Nico Dreimüller and Christopher Huber, who were both engaged with RSV’s First Division team. 
But also the Rhinos had to play without Janet McLachlan, so former RSV II captain David Amend took over her part, and did so very well with 9 assists overall. After only three minutes he has also three assists in his statistics, with former National Player Ralf Schwarz continuously scoring to a 0:8-start. 
It took nearly five minutes until Tristan Paar was finally able to add some points for his team, supported by Marian Kind scoring the 4:10 (7th min). It took the guest quite a bit of time to get some structure and Kind now took control. He scored all of the following 8 points  (13:22, 15th min) and was definitely responsible for the fact that the gap didn’t spread even further. 
Rhinos-Coach Clifford Fisher was prepared though and had a lot of rotation on court, in which the team showed off their depth. The team, having high hopes for a promotion to the first division, rolled towards a win that wasn’t in jeopardy at any point, whilst RSV II are now for the first time in a relegation spot.

Wiesbaden: Matthias Güntner (19), Oliver Hoffmann (19), Ralf Schwarz (8), Michael Witte (7), David Amend (5), Klaus Weber (4), Serdar Antac (2), Britt Dillmann, Marcel Gerber, Lukas Jung, Udo Müller. 
 Lahn-Dill: Marian Kind (13), Kai Gerlach (7), Carsten Crombach (6), Tristan Paar (4), Selina Rausch (1), Sebastian Arras. 

RSV-Magazin Defense