RSV Lahn-Dill II miss out on surprise

Weakened squad defeated 43:48 – strong performance by Dreimüller not enough
The Second Team suffered a close defeat at 43:48 (11:7/19:24/29:37) against SGK Rolling Chocolate. Nevertheless, the team did well despite having to play without three of their players, even if that did not help of in this game. Just before the end of the game it did look like RSV might be able to turn the tables though. U22-National Player Nico Dreimüller had turned three attempts at a three into points, as well as a successful three-point-play. And when Marian Kind managed the 43:44 (40th min) with a shot from beyond six meters, the audience was off its seats. But sadly Dreimüller also got his fifth foul, deemed unsportsmanlike, which meant possession for Heidelberg. „That was a truly a very sad situation, but on the other hand we have to see how well Nico has been performing up to that point, carrying his team” said Coach Daniel Stange in defense of his 28-point player. “I’m sad this cost him the shot at turning the game into a success for RSV.”That it would even get this close was not tob e forseen, as both Zacharias Wittman and Carsten Crombach were out with infections and fever, later joined by Captain Christopher Huber. The rest of the team did not let that lower their spirits, and managed to keep up against the German Champions 2003. The game started off at 3:2 (7th min) and 7:7 (9th min), so had a very slow start. Dreimüller got his team the lead in the last minute of the first quarter at 9:7 (10th min) and kept them up until the 17:11 (14th min). The Heidelberg team upped their hit-ratio in the middle of the second quarter, and managed a 13:2-run before changeover. The game seemed to be decided at 27:37 (29th min), but then Dreimüller’s time had come: two of two free-throws, three threes and a three-point-play smashed the Heidelberg lead to 41:44 (38th min), and when Marian Kind scored again leading to 43:44, the turning of the tables seemed so close. As described already, this was not enough to win against SGK Rolling Chocolate. 
Lahn-Dill: Nico Dreimüller (28/3 Dreier), Sebastian Arras (9), Marian Kind (4), Kai Gerlach (2), Annabel Breuer, Tristan Paar, Selina Rausch. 
Heidelberg: André Hopp (24), Max Grubmüller (8), Johannes Ernst (7), Sven Eckhardt (6), Benjamin Scherke (2), Thomas Gumpert (1), Christian Gumpert, Sebastian Holzheu, Nikolas Panousis, Dominik Vogt, Catharina Weiß. 

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