RSV celebrate 15th win at home in a row against 99ers

Five players score double figures in 86:39 successRSV win the game against Cologne 99ers in a manner befitting their rank in this last home game before the big duel against table-leaders Thuringia Bulls. About 1050 spectators watched their team win invulnerably 86:39 (25:2/44:24/63:31) at August-Bebel-Sporthalle Wetzlar. This game especially showed off the Middle Hesse team’s dominance under the basket. Not only did the hosts win the rebound duel 52:26, but also did RSV-centers Joe Bestwick and Dirk Köhler score 87 and 83 per cent of their shots at the hoop. This, combined with a good percentage from the distance, was the recipe against the 99ers. The game in front of a good crowd started off with a firework, when Thomas Böhme scored his first three after only 38 minutes, getting the 5:0 lead. The 24-year-old’s second three was scored only three minutes later, pushing the score to 14:0, before John McPhail was able to first points for his team. Still, nothing threw the breaks on for the Middle Hesse team, and Dirk Köhler’s last two points just before the siren meant a 25:2-first quarter. But the 99ers did not give up, and rose in the second quarter, which made the second quarter a lot more exciting to watch. Especially US-Boy Jamie Mazzi showed, that he was not willing to get down without a fight. The guard managed three threes and made two free throws within 9 minutes. These were followed by points by newbie Tommie Gray and John McPhail, who both caused the coaches Nicolai Zeltinger and Ralf Neuman to have a serious word with their team during half-time. This seemed to definitely have served its purpose, as the hosting team returned a lot more focussed from the changing rooms. Steve Serio started the first 7:0 run for his team, which he himself finished off at 51:24 (23rd min), before he then started a 9:0-run that was extended to 63:30 (28th min) by his Captain Michael Paye. Especially Mazzi was now kept well in place by the RSV-defense after his 11 points before the break, whilst his team mate Ramo Rekanovic only managed to score 2 points out of his 11 attempts. Briton Joe Bestwick started off the fourth quarter with 7 points in a row, the beginning of a strong final phase for the Wetzlar team. The last points of the game were scored by Captain Michael Paye, who, with 18 points, 13 assists and eight rebounds, also had the best percentages in this game. Thomas Böhme was close behind with 15 points, 13 rebounds and 5r assists. Apart from the second quarter, where they seemed to have struggled to be focus, RSV played a great game, hopefully to be repeated this weekend when they will be travelling to Trier to play against the Dolphins. The next home game will be an exciting one, the season summit against table leaders Thuringia Bulls.
Lahn-Dill: Michael Paye (18), Joe Bestwick (16), Steve Serio (16/1 Dreier), Thomas Böhme (15/2), Dirk Köhler (11), Felix Schell (6), Jan Haller (2), Björn Lohmann (2), Annabel Breuer, Nico Dreimüller. 
 Köln: Tommie Gray (11), Jamie Mazzi (11/3), John McPhail (9), Jelle van der Steen (4), Kathleen O´Kelly-Kennedy (2), Ramo Rekanovic (2), Gabriel Kasapoglu, Patrick Richter. 

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