RSV Lahn-Dill II get over their Ulm-trauma

Second team beats Sabres 63:57 – Christmas break not in relegation-spotAn important step was made to stay in the league. The last game of the first leg of their season ended 63:57 (16:9/37:24/54:38) for Captain Chris Huber’s team, after they were able to keep their lead until the final whistle. “We had to wait quite some time to finally win in Ulm” said a very happy Coach Daniel Stange about this away-win. “I’m very proud about the way we presented ourselves today – a great performance.”The Middle-Hesse team started off strong, and managed to get Ulm’s Coach and player Manfred Wolf completely out of the game after his first basket. The game began quite level (6:6, 4th minute) before RSV were able to shoot off to a 12:6 (8th min) lead, which they increased to 22:13 (13th min). A three by Ulm’s Torsten Schmid right on the 24th second was the start for a strong phase for his team though, but after the 26:20 (16th min) RSV II found back into their game. After changeover the game did definitely become tougher and faster on both sides. After the score being at 41:30 (23rd min) the Middle Hesse team managed a 11:0-run, the foundation for their win (52:30, 26th min). Ulm tried their very best and put a lot of pressure on their guests. They managed to catch up a bit, as it didn’t seem to work as well for RSV II anymore, especially at the free-throw line where they only managed 3 out of ten. So the final phase was worrying for RSV II, but there was not enough time for the Sabres to catch up anymore.  
Ulm: Manfred Wolf (16), Torsten Schmid (14), Dominik Bloching (12), Thomas Paa (7), Claus Turnwald (4), Birgit Meitner (2), André Penner (2), Patrick Dorner, Urs Rechsteiner, Achim Renner (n.e.). 
Lahn-Dill: Nico Dreimüller (20), Kai Gerlach (17), Christopher Huber (8), Carsten Crombach (7), Marian Kind (5), Sebastian Arras, Selina Rausch. 

RSV-Magazin Defense