Successful but unglamorous return to winning ways

70: 46 success in the old classic against ZwickauTitleholder RSV Lahn-Dill has found the way back to winning ways last Saturday, but didn’t shine, especially in the offence. In the end the Middle Hesse team celebrated in front of around 900 guests in the Wetzlar August-Bebel Halle a sovereign 70:46 (20: 8/36: 23/58: 37) –home wins against BSC-Rollers Zwickau, but coaching team Nicolai Zeltinger and Ralf Neumann clearly showed their dissatisfaction, not only after the final siren."We cannot be satisfied with our performance! Somehow it seems as if we’re playing our offence unconsciously with the handbrake on, "said Head Coach Zeltinger after their eighth game of the season. The opposition on the other hand presented themselves well after having had to cut their losses over the summer, even if the 68th classic between the two teams was no longer expected to become the same kind of duel at eye level as it used to be.Captain Michael Paye was the one who opened the game with two baskets, but after 4: 0 (2) Zwickau showed that they did not want to come to Wetzlar to hide. At 12: 8 (6), it was mainly the Lithuanian newcomer Vaytautas Skuca and club legend Rostislav Pohlmann, who put the offensive exclamation point on their team’s play.The Middle Hesse hosts only briefly stepped off their brakes briefly, as the later top scorer Thomas Böhme started a 14: 1 run, which was then extended by Michael Paye and Joe Bestwick to the 26: 9 (13th min). RSV Lahn-Dill lived primarily from its rebound superiority on this day, proven by a significant 41:25 in the statistics. However, offensively only Briton Bestwick was able to convince with good 77 percent, while the rest of the team fell short of its own possibilities. So it was not surprising that the guests from Saxony came up again and got closer to the Middle Hesse team. After 30:19 (16th min) both old rivals went into half-time at 36:23, before Zwickau returned from the changing rooms with more energy and was able to reduce the gap to an eleven points lead at 40:29 (23rd min).Only now, after Zeltinger had taken the third time out already (25th min), the hosts could steer the game in the right direction. First successful national player Thomas Böhme scored the 47:29 (25th min), before he pushed the score to 56:33 (29th min) with seven points within 3 minutes. But even his stats only reflected his team’s performance that day, which did neither impress themselves nor their coach. Merely from the free throw line the reigning champions were able to prove themselves, but take away these eleven points, 59 points from the field are less than ideal. "Somehow we have a knot in our offence which we have to untie as soon as possible," said Nicolai Zeltinger after the game.
Lahn-Dill: Thomas Böhme (21), Michael Paye (18/1 Dreier), Joe Bestwick (14), Steve Serio (12), Nico Dreimüller (2), Dirk Köhler (2), Felix Schell (1), Annabel Breuer, Jan Haller, Christopher Huber, Björn Lohmann, Marco Zwerger. 
Zwickau: Rostislav Pohlmann (20), Vaytautas Skuca (14), Benjamin Kenyon (6), Andy Ortmann (4), Mikhail Matveev (2), Vanessa Erskine, Günther Mayer (n.e.), Frank Oehme (n.e.), Ronny Steidl (n.e.). 

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