Expected defeat after respectable performance against St. Vith

Weakened RSV Lahn-Dill II do their best – 41:68 against leaders Roller BullsWith a respectable performance, wheelchair basketball Second Division team RSV Lahn-Dill II lost 41:68 (12: 34/26: 51 16/22) against leaders Roller Bulls St. Vitht after a showing a respectable performance. RSV coach Daniel Stange only had six players to put on court, but these presented themselves at least for two quarters at eye level."I am proud of our team, and the way it has dealt with this situation," praised Stange his team for the courageous performance against the Belgian top team, "The fact that we got up again after this weak third section and continue to play completely undeterred, underlines the exemplary attitude with which the six have gone through the game."In addition to the two injured players Kai Gerlach and Zacharias Wittmann, the team was missing Selina Rausch and Tristan Paar, the latter missing out due to the happy arrival of his new baby boy. Coach Daniel Stange thus only had very few players available, but these remaining six players fought as hard as they could from the start. Annabel Breuer opened the game from half distance, and after the 4: 0 by Christopher Huber, the confused Belgians pulled their first time out after only about 200 seconds.St. Vith then did find their way back into the game, but the Wetzlar Bundesliga reserve kept the lead until 12:10 (9th min), before the Roller Bulls were able to take advantage of two turnovers were able to get to the 12:19 (11th min). Veteran Juan Bernal then saw to the first noticeable push in his team. The Centre got the 20:30 (18th min) and following this, the team from the Eifel did not give the lead away again.Half-time got RSV Lahn-Dill II to get to a standstill. The Middle Hesse team returned from the break fidgety and stayed without a basket for nearly seven minutes. When Annabel Breuer finally scored the 25:45 (26th min), the game was already decided. All the more remarkable was the performance of Wetzlar’s second team in the remaining minutes: Wild determination to keep the gap below 30 points and offensively trying to get themselves back on track, the team, led by strong playing Captain Christopher Huber, got back into the game and got a 15:17 in the final section.The momentum of this strong performance is what RSV Lahn-Dill II now want to take to Ulm, where Kai Gerlach will hopefully be on court again this weekend. "A success before the winter break would be very important for our team, so that we can reward ourselves for the good season so far," hopes coach Daniel Stange for a similarly concentrated performance of his team on the final day of the preliminary round.
Lahn-Dill: Christopher Huber (12), Annabel Breuer (10), Nico Dreimüller (8), Marian Kind (8), Sebastian Arras (3), Carsten Crombach. 
St. Vith: Christophe van Houcke (15), Arthur Fievet (10), Philippe Minten (9), Lorenzo Boterberg (8), Mounir Moujoud (8), Jamaa Saadi (8), Juan Bernal (6), Bart Nulens (2), Ralph Huylebroek (2), Stefan Veithen. 

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