Hesse derby only level for two quarters

RSV II defeated by Skywheelers II 50:72 – there was no stopping Johannes HengstRSV Lahn-Dill II got defeated by Frankfurt 50:72 (16:19/31:42/45:55), as there seemed to be no way to stop opponent Johannes Hengst. The former first division player scored 30 points and got 14 rebounds for his team, and was definitely the deciding factor. „We were certeainy hoping for more, and the game was actually not bad” said Coach Stange after the game “Sure, we could have defended more aggressively, but we also have to admit that Frankfurt had a strong game, and with our current personnel circumstances, there was nothing left to give.”His team had a weak start (2:8, 3rd min) before they got into the game properly, with Marian Kind tying the game at 10:10. Shortly after Dreimueller and Gerlach scored, getting the first lead 14:23 (6th min), which sadly only lasted until the end of the first quarter: Lars Lehmann with a three and Johannes Hengst changed the score again to 16:19 (10th min).The following minutes were exciting to watch as both teams were fighting for every point, with Hengst shining with his performance. Until changeover, the former First Division player had scored 20 points, and was an important part of Frankfurt’s 11:2-run that left Stange’s team gasping for air. (25:39, 18th min)After the half-time break, RSV II did their best to fight back against their deficit, but Frankfurt put them down again every time. The closest the team would get was 40:48 (25th min), after two baskets by Nico Dreimueller. Following this, Frankfurt showed RSV II their limits and went via 45:60 (33rd min) and 48:69 (38th min) to an unshaken Derby-win.
Lahn-Dill: Nico Dreimüller (16), Christopher Huber (14), Kai Gerlach (11), Marian Kind (4), Carsten Crombach (3), Tristan Paar (2), Selina Rausch, Sebastian Arras (n.e.). 
Frankfurt: Johannes Hengst (30), Anna-Maria Müller (18/1 Dreier), Heike Friedrich (13), Lars Lehmann (9/1), Juliana Kromberg (2), Sebastian Arnold, Kerstin Bartel, Thomas Hertwig.

RSV-Magazin Defense