RSV II scraped past a sensation

Mainhatten Skywheelers – RSV Lahn-Dill II  48:49 (10:11/27:19/35:35)

RSV II scraped past a sensation in Rosenheim, Bavaria. The team managed to beat first division team Mainhatten Skywheelers without their top scorer Kai Gerlach by one point. “We were behind continuously, but realized that there was definitely the possibility for us to beat Frankfurt, if we play with clever tactics, which in the end paid out.” Coach Daniel Stange was very happy about the result of the game.

Frankfurt: Sven Diedrich (25), Christoph Spitz (9), Paul Nikolaus (8), Tim Diedrich (4), Sebastian Spitznagel (2), Anne Brießmann, Sedat Dogan, Jan Hecker.

Lahn-Dill II: Nico Dreimüller (16/1), Christopher Huber (13/1), Tristan Paar (11), Marian Kind (7), Carsten Crombach (2), Sebastian Arras, Selina Rausch.

SB-DJK Rosenheim – RSV Lahn-Dill II  54:49 (22:6/33:18/41:30)

In the second game of the day, the team had lost some of their strength though, whilst Rosenheim was able to make use of their longer break in between games. In the 15th minute already the hosting team was leading 29:8, before RSV II were able to fight back point by point. In the end a success was in reach, but there was just not enough energy left. “Nevertheless, I’m proud of how we presented ourselves today, not letting morale drop.” Stange was sad about the defeat, but not disappointed by his team’s overall performance. Mainhatten Skywheelers will now be playing in the quarter final.

Rosenheim: Josef Wernberger (21), Andreas Bieber (12), Selman Can (8), Michael Schmid Jr. (7), Roman Wojnicka (4), Randolph Uhl (2), Sercan Ismail Clemens Navratil, Michael Schmid Sr., Steffen Simon.

Lahn-Dill II: Nico Dreimüller (15), Marian Kind (14), Christopher Huber (11/1), Tristan Paar (7), Carsten Crombach (2), Sebastian Arras, Selina Rausch.

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