RSV II cheers for Dreimüller

Junior-National Player scores with the final buzzer – 54:53 win against RBB München Iguanas

Junior-National Player Nico Dreimüller got his team the second win of the season scoring a three at the final siren; making the score a 54:53 win (13:15/26:27/38:41) against München Iguanas. Previously the team had managed to turn around an assumed lost game, rewarding themselves with a win. 

The game was a tough one, fighting against the Munich advantage. Huber was able to respond to Mach’s first basket (2:2, 2nd min), but then the hosts moved to a 8:2 score, showing RSV II their deficits. At 8:15 (8th min), Iguana-fans were right to hope for their team’s win. But RSV II then did their best to catch up, getting their first lead at 19:17 (15th min), before RSV’s Carsten Crombach had an unlucky meeting with Wolfgang Böhme: he had to spend the rest of the game at hospital with a massive black eye. 

This did not shake his team too much though, as it continued to be a tight one, going via 26:25 (19th min, three by Gerlach) and 29:31 (23rd min). But then Munich had their strongest phase, with Mach scoring the 35:29 (25th min) and then Böhme scoring to 39:31 (28th min). Dreimüller responded with a three, followed by six points by Captain Chris Huber leading to 42:41 (31st min), regaining the lead. But after the 50:45 (37th min), Munich’s Schmölz, Ryklin and Mach turned everything around to a 51:53, with only 3.5 seconds to go. Coach Daniel Stange took a time-out to present the game plan which would lead his team into over-time. But Dreimüller turned a good plan into perfection when he scored a clean three just at the final buzzer. 
München: Florian Mach (22), Benjamin Ryklin (13), Laura Fürst (6), Eric Zinke (6), Wolfgang Böhme (2), Andreas Schaffer (2), Ulrich Schmölz (2), Markus Haberkorn, Gabriel Robl, Johanna Welin. 
Lahn-Dill: Kai Gerlach (18/1 Dreier), Christopher Huber (16), Nico Dreimüller (10/2), Marian Kind (4), Carsten Crombach (2), Tristan Paar (2), Zacharias Wittmann (2), Sebastian Arras, Selina Rausch. 

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