Painful defeat in Heidelberg

RSV Lahn-Dill lose 41:44 – Rolling Chocolate turn the table

RSV Lahn-Dill II suffered a painful away-defeat in Heidelberg against SGK Rolling Chocolate. The team started off well, but their advance soon changed into a high ratio of misses, so that the hosting team were able to take the lead and win 41:44 (12:7/25:19/37:30).

“It’s clear to see that SGK have invested a lot more and that their win was well deserved.” said RSV-Coach Daniel Stange after the game. “We had a good defense most of the time, but our offence was lacking today.”
The Wetzlar team started off with a lead though. After a three by Heidelberg’s Max Grubmueller, but with a good defensive play the guests kept the game level as they didn’t give the hosting team many chances to score. The game stayed level until the 8:7 score (8th min), but then RSV took off to 23:9 (14th min), but had to live with Kai Gerlach having four fouls already.

After the necessary changes in the line-up SGK managed to catch up with a 10:2-run (25:19, 20th min) so that Stange was forced to bring back Gerlach despite the fouls. His game ended after the 30:21 (24th min), but still RSV fought for every point and got into the last quarter with a 37:30-lead.
The hosting team started the last quarter with a 8:0-run, and from then on the lead changed with every offence. Tristan Paar got the lead back at 41:40 (37th min), but his basket was one of the last few that RSV scored in the last ten minutes of the game, so the game finished at 41:44 for Heidelberg.
 Heidelberg: André Hopp (19), Maximilian Grubmüller (13/1 Dreier), Benjamin Scherke (6), Thomas Gumpert (4), Johannes Ernst (1), Dominik Vogt (1). 
 Lahn-Dill: Kai Gerlach (13), Zacharias Wittmann (9), Tristan Paar (8), Marian Kind (5), Nico Dreimüller (4), Christopher Huber (2). 

RSV-Magazin Defense