125 years Pfeiffer Vacuum – Congratulations!

RSV Lahn-Dill joins in with Ulf Merbold  to congratulate 
Many people have sent their best wishes, amongst others German astronaut and physicist Ulf Merbold. RSV Lahn-Dill are happy to be able to congratulate their long-term premium partner Pfeiffer Vacuum to their 125-year anniversary. 
The company was founded in 1890 in Wetzlar, has over 20 subsidiary companies and over 2.200 vacuum pumps. Vacuum pumps are part of our everyday life without us even noticing, but the use of smartphones or glasses would not be possible without this piece of engineering. 
The company now set in Asslar has been a RSV-partner since 2007, and is a loyal supporter of the sport and the team. We are very proud of this relationship, so we would like to send out heartfelt congratulations to our premium partners Pfeiffer Vacuum!

More about market-leaders Pfeiffer Vacuum at www.pfeiffer-vacuum.com
Seit 2007 gehört der heute in Aßlar beheimatete Konzern zu der großen RSV-Partnerfamilie und zählt sich selbst zu den Fans der Sportart und des RSV Lahn-Dill. Darauf sind wir besonders stolz. Daher gilt unsere Gratulation heute ganz herzlich unserem Premiumpartner Pfeiffer Vacuum!
Mehr zum Weltmarktführer unter www.pfeiffer-vacuum.com. 

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