German semi-final lies ahead

Despite 53:60-defeat against Rome RSV are top of their group

RSV will be playing against another German team in the semi-final of the Champions Cup in Giulianova, Italy. Their opposition today at 17:30 will be RSB Team Thueringen, who became second after the Spanish Champions Madrid in their group. Even though the Middle Hesse team had lost in the morning against Santa Lucia Rome 53:60 (15:21/26:41/41:50), the first spot in their group was not to be taken away. Last year’s Champions Galatasaray Istanbul did not make the semis though, as they weren’t able to make up for their loss against RSV yesterday.

Today RSV did not get into the game right from the start, whilst the team coached by Carlo Di Gusto fought strongly with his team. The Rome team had a very high hit-ratio, especially Frenchman Sofyane Mehaoui. Already at the start of the second quarter, the opposition was far ahead with 25:17 (13th min), and Lahn-Dill lost the ball to Rome a lot, strengthening them even further. At half-time the score was 26:41, and it came with no surprise.

Only after change-over did the Wetzlar team, coached by Nicolai Zeltinger, find better into the game. First it was through Captain Michael Paye, who scored the 39:46 (27th min) and then shortly after Jan Haller scoring the 45:54 (33rd min). “We did not manage to up our game today after these very tough first games yesterday. Even though this might be understandable, we will have to learn a lesson from this, before we play against Thueringen.” said Zeltinger after the game, already focussing on the next task.

Rom: Soufyane Mehiaoui (21/1 Dreier), Matteo Cavagnini (15), Stefano Rosesetti (8), Mohammed Sanna Ali (8), Marco Stupenengo (6), Ahmed Raourahi (2), Adolfo Berdun , Laura Morato, Dario Di Francesco (n.e.), Christian Fares (n.e.), Beatrice Ion (n.e.),
Giulio Papi (n.e.).

Lahn-Dill: Steve Serio (12), Thomas Böhme (8), Jan Haller (8), Michael Paye (8), Dirk Köhler (7), Joe Bestwick (6), Felix Schell (4), Annabel Breuer, Christopher Huber, Björn Lohmann, Nico Dreimüller (n.e.), Marco Zwerger

RSV-Magazin Defense