Turkish Fans burn torch, RSV the fireworks

RSV Lahn-Dill humiliate title-defendants Galatasaray
Impressive start to the tournament with an 80:50 win

Five-fold Champions Cup winners RSV Lahn-Dill have started off pretty well in Giulianova, beating title-defendants Glatasaray Istanbul 80:50 (17:15/48:33/63:37). Radical fans had stopped the team busses with Bengal flares, but those were extinguished by the Middle Hesse team in a very impressive manner. 

Despite brilliant performances by Thomas Boehme and his American colleagues Steve Serio and Michael Paye, it was an especially great game for old dog Dirk Koehler. Not only was the game the 100th for the club, but also game number 500 for the RSV-dinosaur. 
Trotz einer überragenden Leistung von Junioren-Nationalspieler Thomas Böh

After a small lead at the start of the second quarter it was down to the perfectly working line up, which Nicolai Zeltinger and Ralf Neumann had put on court, that an open, courageous and confident was possible and the spectators could watch a world-class performance. Especially Captain Michael Paye dotted his i’s and lead his team via 40:29 (24th min) to 48:33 at half time. 

After change-over RSV stomped on Galatasaray’s hopes when they started off with a 5:0-run. The 53:33 (21st min) was followed by a second half with a disillusioned Turkish team, whilst the around 50 fans from Middle Hesse celebrated their team exuberantly. 

“We had a high-level response for every move Galatasaray made. But we have to realise that this was just one little win in a long tournament. I’m sure Istanbul want to see us again here in Giulianova.” said Zeltinger after the jubilee game and before their next task against Italian Champions Cantu this evening. 

Galatasaray: Mateusz Filipski (11/1 Dreier), Piotr Luszynski (9/1), Ismail Ar (7), Rodney Hawkins (5), Cem Gezinci (4), Ferit Gümüs (4), Alejandro Zarzuela (4), Seda Kinali (3/1),Murat Yazici (3), Fikri Gündogdu, Seyran Kurt.

 Lahn-Dill: Michael Paye (31/1), Thomas Böhme (21/1), Steve Serio (16/3), Dirk Köhler (9), Felix Schell (4), Christopher Huber, Björn Lohmann, Joe Bestwick (n.e.), Annabel Breuer (n.e.), Nico Dreimüller (n.e.), Jan Haller (n.e.), Marco Zwerger (n.e.).

RSV-Magazin Defense