RSV-Championship celebration at beautiful SWG location

Historic waterworks serve as gorgeous scenery

On Tuesday evening around 170 guests celebrated the 12th German Championship with RSV Lahn-Dill and hosts SWG (public services company, Giessen). It took place on the beautiful grounds of the historic SWG waterworks in Gruenberg, with sunshine and live music as well as guests from sports, politics and economy. 

The Thank-You celebration for sponsors and supporters was turned into a championship celebration when Michael Paye and his team managed to beat Thueringen twice last weekend, taking home the title. As an introduction to the evening RSV-Partners P3D presented a 8:30 video with highlights from the games, before Ina Weller from SWG was able to welcome the guests and announce that the company will be supporting the club for at least another three years, even raising their sponsoring and becoming Premium Partners to RSV Lahn-Dill. 

The evening offered guided tours through the waterworks and it’s grounds, and the great atmosphere was supported by live music and lovely spring weather. The guest’s physical wellbeing was taken care of by RSV-partners Cheese Company Birkenstock and Licher private brewery. 

The guests did actually not know where the party would take place, as they had been asked to come to the company headquarters, where three coaches waited for them to take them to the waterworks 30 minutes away in Gruenberg. 

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