The course is set for Champions League

Success against Meaux and Porto Torres

Five-fold Euro League winners RSV Lahn Dill had a brilliant start at EuroLeague I in Porto Torres, Sardinia. They beat France’s second team CS Meaux 79:54 in the afternoon, followed by a win against hosting team GSD Porto Torres 67:46.
CS Meaux – RSV Lahn-Dill     54:79 (8:21/23:42/43:59).

Captain Michael Paye had an outstanding game, scoring 32 points against the opposition. Especially at the middle distance the French did not stand a chance against the Middle Hesse team, as Paye, Serio and Boehme scored six threes, with a 100 per cent hit rate from behind the 6,75 metres.
So that was the first step for the team coached by Nicolai Zeltinger on their way to qualification for EuroLeague in May in Giulianova, Italy. Step two had to be another win, this time against hosting team GSD Porto Torres, who beat their league-competition Padua Millenium Baskets 92:69.

Meaux: Allon Dor Onn (14), Walter Groen (9), Dominik Mosler (9), Guillaume Adiasse (8), Samir Goutali    (6), Ivan Toscano (6), Fabien Suinot (2), Audrey Cayol, Roger Deda, Harouna Gaye.

Lahn-Dill: Michael Paye (32/1 threes), Steve Serio (19/3), Thomas Böhme (15/3), Dirk Köhler (6), Felix Schell (3), Joe Bestwick (2), Jan Haller (2), Annabel Breuer, Nico Dreimüller, Christopher Huber, Björn Lohmann, Marco Zwerger.
GSD Porto Torres – RSV Lahn-Dill 46:67 (12:8/22:26/32:49)

The first half against the Italian team was very hard work. RSV were behind 2:8 (4th min) and 6:12 (8th min), before they gained control over the game in the second quarter and were able to go into half-time with 26:22 after a three by Steve Serio in the last second. After half time Coach Zeltinger and his team seemed to have found their way better into the game, presenting a good defence against the team with six Britons. “We can be very happy about today’s results, not as much with the second game though, as we made it quite hard work and didn’t take advantage of all our chances” said Zeltinger after the game.
Porto Torres: Martin Edwards (16), George Bates (9), Simon Brown (7), Simon Munn (6), Richard Stargent (4), Hussein Haidari (2), Luca Puggioni (2), Oscar Jiminez Gonzales, Raimondo Canu (n.e.), Sarah McPhee (n.e.), Luigi Scarpa (n.e.),
Lahn-Dill: Steve Serio (23/1), Michael Paye (10/2), Joe Bestwick (8), Dirk Köhler (8), Thomas Böhme (6), Björn Lohmann (6), Jan Haller (4), Felix Schell (2), Annabel Breuer (n.e.), Nico Dreimüller (n.e.), Christopher Huber (n.e.), Marco Zwerger (n.e.).

RSV-Magazin Defense