Ralf Neumann prolongs contract until 2017

Assistant Coach stays with RSV Lahn-Dill

Ralf Neumann, who has been Assistant Coach to Nicolai Zeltinger since 2012, will stick with his team in the future. The 51-year-old prolonged his contract until summer 2017 despite numerous offers from outside, staying faithful to his club.

“Both sides wanted to lay the path early on to put a positive note on the trusting relationship, so extending the contract was the obvious step to take. We are very happy!” says RSV-manager Andreas Joneck about the recent development. “We are looking forward to being able to make long-term plans that include Ralf, especially seeing his popularity as an able-bodied and wheelchair basketball coach.” Nicolai Zeltinger is just as excited about Ralf’s commitment with the club.

And so is Ralf Neumann: “I feel very comfortable with the team, we have a great work-atmosphere, great conditions, and the athletic challenges are always tempting.”

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