RSV II loses against top-of-the-table team

44:62 defeat against USC Munich

Despite their efforts and working as a team, second-league team RSV Lahn-Dill II had to accept defeat against table-leading team USC Munich. They did not give up lightly in this 44:62 (9:15/22:33/32:45) game, but in the end captain David Amend’s team left too many chances unused.
„Our main aim was to perform in a presentable manner, and that we definitely managed to achieve.“ said RSV-coach Daniel Stange after the game. „But I still can’t shake the feeling that we could have done more, which leaves a bitter taste.“ The stats were not great sadly, only every fourth shot scored in the first half. The percentages have to be a lot higher to be an actual threat to the opposition.
At 2:7 (4th min) the guests did have a better start, but within three minutes Christopher Huber and Kai Gerlach closed the gap a good bit for their team (9:10, 7th min). But especially Munich’s Kim Robins showed a great performance, and put his bigger team mates Ben Döring and Suad Sutic in perfect positions.
The Wetzlar team returned from the half-time break very focussed, and after a foul by USC-captain Kai Döring against Kai Gerlach, the RSV top-scorer hit all three free-throws and shortened the gap to 26:35 (22nd min). Sadly afterwards, the team did not make a lot happen, so that Munich shot ahead again without having to shine. (28:47, 29th min).
 When Munichs Kim Robins had to leave the game due to the number of commited fouls in the 32nd minute, the Wetzlar hopes rose again. Gerlach scored to 34:45, but former national-player Ben Döring then scored six points in a row (34:51, 34th min), stopping the game from becoming close or exciting again.  
Lahn-Dill: Kai Gerlach (14/1 Dreier), Christopher Huber (10), David Amend (9), Tristan Paar (5), Carsten Crombach (3), Selina Rausch (2), Marian Kind (1), Annabel Breuer. 
München: Ben Döring (23), Suad Sutic (16), Kim Robins (15), Ebrahim Ahmadi (2), Selman Can (2), Lisa Nothelfer (2), Nu Nguyen (2), Dominik Brandl, Cory Rudder.

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