RSV II: Coup in overtime

Happyend after 60:57 at RSV Basket Salzburg
RSV II have gotten their second win of the season in a true thriller. Despite losing their lead and having to go into overtime, the Wetzlar team was able to celebrate their 60:57 (21:12/32:24/46:40/55:55) win.
„We nearly lost everything in the final quarter, but thankfully we were able to focus in the right moments” said a relieved Daniel Stange after the game. This win was important for the team as it gives the team a chance in fight against relegation. It was noticeable from the start that the team was very aware of the importance of the game. They had a good start with 6:2 (3rd min) and moved forwards quickly, reaching 17:10 in the 8th minute. The hosts only seemed to only notice their situation when captain David Amend scored the first double number (23:12, 11th min).
But RSV kept pushing: six points within three minutes by Christopher Huber got his team a 46:32-advance in the 28th minute, but a three by Salzburg’s centre Radim Reichl started a 8-0 run for the hosts (31st min) and shortly after they managed to get the lead (51:53, 36th min).
Of all people it was youngster Marian Kind who got the equalisation, and then the lead with a free-throw (54:53, 39th min). but Salzburg had an answer from Reichl, so that Zacharias Wittmann had to save the Wetzlar Rollis into overtime. Marian Kind then added points, whilst on Salzburg’s side Hoeglinger and player-coach Walter Pfaller had to leave court due to their number of fouls. Amend scored the resulting free-throws, and so the final score was 60:57.

Salzburg: Radim Reichl (32/1 three), Alexander Höglinger (10), Conny Wibmer (6), Andreas Bieber (4), Walter Pfaller (3), Ferdinand Ammerer (2), Avdija Destani, Alfred Huber, Christoph Schaschl.
Lahn-Dill: Kai Gerlach (22/1), Marian Kind (13), Christopher Huber (10), David Amend (9), Tristan Paar (3), Zacharias Wittmann (3), Selina Rausch.

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