RSV Lahn-Dill II give away important points

Second team back at the bottom of the table – weak offence means no chance for a win
A weak performance put RSV II at the bottom of the second division in German Wheelchair Basketball. The 41:45 (10:8/19:20/31:32) is proof of a game with weak offensive play on both sides, which ended lucky for the guests.
“We sold ourselves badly with this performance today” said unhappy RSV-coach Daniel Stange after the game. “We have to admit that we’re rightly the second to last team of the league, if we can’t even win games like this one”
The fact that games between RSV II and Ulm have usually been good over the last couple of years, but that was unnoticeable last Saturday. It took the team 3 minutes to score for the first time (Kai Gerlach), and the score was levelled soon after by Thomas Paa scoring to 4:4 (4th min).
The pressure on both teams was very noticeable. Amend scored the 10:8 just before the first break, but in the second quarter player-coach Manfred Wolf had a very strong phase and scored 10 of his 17 points.
RSV had their strongest phase after the change-over, with Christopher Huber and Tristan Paar scoring to 29:27 (25th min). But again Thomas Paa held against the hosts, and the Sabres did not let their opposition get ahead again.
This was also down to RSV letting easy points pass, and losing the ball way too often to the attentive Ulm-defence. Tactical fouls did not lead to success but an unsportsmanlike foul, and four free-throw points by Manfred Wolf led to an early decision with 36:44 (40th min). David Amend managed to polish the score off a little bit, but the bitter 41:45-result was not to be changed.
Lahn-Dill: Gerlach (14), Amend (12/1 Dreier), Paar (8), Huber (4), Kind (2), Wittmann (1), Breuer, Crombach, Rausch. 
Ulm: Wolf (17), Paa (13), Schmid (8), Bloching (6), Turnwald (1), Schmölz, Penner, Renner (n.e.), Dorner (n.e.).

RSV-Magazin Defense