Unglamorous win for RSV’s second team

49:27 against Frankfurt – fighting for survival in the little Hesse-derby
Despite winning their first game, the second-league team RSV Lahn-Dill II can still not feel relieved, even though the 49:27 (10:4/19:8/32:17) win against bottom-of-table-team Mainhatten Skywheelers II was important. 
“We’re only moving forwards with small steps, I suppose we have to accept that” said coach Daniel Stange. “Our defence was solid, and the confidence in that area will eventually lead to a more successful offence.”
It was noticeable from the start that the team had prepared for the game. Especially under their own basket the team acted strong and focussed, but the offence was still lacking. The hosts were leading early on 10:2 (7th min) and didn’t leave the opposition any room for development. 
The second quarter went via 14:6 (13th min) and 15:8 (17th min) to Marian Kind scoring the 19:8 just before half-time. After changeover it seemed as if both teams had decided to change the game a bit. Frankfurt player Tim Diedrich and Barbara Gross moved the scoreboard to 19:11 (22nd min), waking up RSV II who started a 10:2-run with a three by David Amend, followed by a three-point-game by Carsten Crombach (32:15, 29th min). 
Sven Diedrich scored eight points for Frankfurt in the last quarter, but as both Kai Gerlach and Christopher Huber had found into the game, these did not change a lot. The Middle Hesse Team had their flow back, and went via 37:17 (32nd min) and 47:21 (36th min) to an invulnerable win. 
Lahn-Dill II: David Amend (17/1 three), Kai Gerlach (13), Christopher Huber (6), Zacharias Wittmann (6), Marian Kind (4), Carsten Crombach (3), Selina Rausch.
Frankfurt II: Sven Diedrich (12), Tim Diedrich (5), Barbara Groß (4), Sebastian Arnold (2), Silke Bleifuß (2), Jörg Wycisk (2), Juliana Kromberg, Michael Schmidt.

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